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My skiing took another quantum leap this season after working over the summer to make movement patterns I wanted permenant in my skiing permenant. When skiing I can detect very little that is not efficient now. Twice this week I have been told that my turns are examiner level alpine turns while on tele gear.

Its time for lateral learning. I want to do things that drastically tax the balance and CM movement accuracy to further narrow the balance window and increase versatility.

Yesterday I had a ball going moc schnell in a carve trying to go as far uphill as I could go. Once the uphill reached about 45 degrees to the fall line I would go from a full carve to a flat spin to the outside 180 degrees and roll right back into a clean backwards carve nearly in the same position the original carve would have gone. When I stopped backwards I would initiate a carve in the other direction without a skid. Its hard to do that because if you relax your feet go out from under you when you finally stop or your are not parllel to the slope

The other thing that I was doing was carving at high speed to 90 degrees across the fall line then go into a flat spin on one foot laterally across the slope. I spin so fast on one foot that I have to cut it off after about two rotations. It was an absolute blast I haven't had that much fun on snow since skiin wifta bearz. That type of skiing also generated a fair amount of interest from the GP.

Anybody else try anything very taxing and super dynamic that DOES NOT LEAVE THE SNOW ie: NO AIR? My lower back does not like landings. Whenever I think I am 20 my body reminds me that I am 50.
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I added another one. Pivot slips backwards. I need more work on this to be smooth.
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This is an interesting thread that I can relate to somewhat.

We ski a lot as a family (myself, wife, and 2 boys) and since my wife is a much more timid skier than the rest of us, we take turns skiing with my her. Early last year I noticed that my oldest son (13), when baby sitting mom, instead of just skiing the easier blues with mom in a "normal" fashion and being bored was inventing all kinds of moves to keep himself from being bored. It started with simply skiing switch, moved to 360's on the snow, to leaping 180's, to carving forwards uphill and then carving the other direction backwards, etc...

I rambling a bit here, but my point is this. I'm amazed at what started out as playful games of a young teen boy that looked at first like a kid just screwing around, has allowed to take the skills that allow him to do these things, and apply them to his "normal" skiing. Once he became proficient at these little "games" (his word), his "normal" skiing ability took off in leaps (no pun intended) and bounds.
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