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Vail ticket deals?

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Some friends of mine are going to vail in march on my suggestion, and wondering if anyone knows of any ways to get discount lift passes. Given the $81 list price coupled with the fact that they are coming from Australia, any savings will help. thanks,
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Buy in Advance at www.snow.com and you can save some $$ ..They raise rates mid-season on advance sales too, so keep an eye out and don't buy too late.
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You can check out some of the online travel sites (expedia, orbitz, priceline...) for some ticket deals. Search under activities. March will be tough as it is a peak time. Also as recommended before just go to their website and book as many days as possible to save the most.

You can also get a couple days at vail/beaver creek with breck/keystone/a-basin multi-day tickets (at a significant savings) if that fits into your schedule.
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Thanks guys, that really helps!
happy holidays!
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Check out ebay as well. Cheap passes pop up on there as well. Otherwise, Vail.com (snow.com) is a good bet if you buy in advance. I think you can get tickets in the $60 range if you get a multi-day pass. I usually try to get a package deal though, so I haven't looked at window rates in a long time. Last year I found coupons for 2 day tickets to Aspen for $100. The discounts are out there, just sniff around a bit.
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