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Your picture #10 is classic.
--Your inside foot it too far forward. Pull it all the way back.
--Your hips are directly above your skis. They need to be toward the hill.
--Your shoulders are leaning toward the hill. They need to lean away from the hill at the same time your hips lean toward the hill.
--Your inside hand is OK, but your outside hand needs to be lower to help your shoulders tip downhill. Do some practice with the outside pole tip scraping the snow.

So...roll your ankles toward the hill, especially the inside foot. Pull your inside foot way back, but not your inside hip...this will give more tilting angle to your inside ski. Keep your knees laterally straight, but flexed. Flex the old outside knee much when you begin the turn, just at the same time you strongly tilt the old inside foot to the little toe edge. Flex your hips toward the hill and tilt your shoulders down the hill at the same time you counter rotate. This all sounds a bit much for relatively flat slopes, but it works, and more, of course, for steeper pitches. Try skiing like this

Last week I skied with a full-cert instructor that just had toe lifts added to his boots. He said that they greatly increased the actual forward pressure he put to his skis. Makes sense to me...if the toes aren't pressing hard enough, shim them so the pressure is greater. Heel lifts tend to push the shins into more angle causing a person to stick their butt back to balance...no help whatsoever.

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K.I.S.S. MP corrections provide Big Results

Originally Posted by LindaA
No, really. you are.

Why, in my seven or eight (minus a couple for injury) years of skiing has no one ever told me to "Roll my ankles" on the flats?

its such a basic thing, really. but when I paid attention to that, suddenly my skiing on the flats got much, much faster, and everything else seemed to click.

I am not sure what I was doing with my ankles before you pointed them out, but whatever it was wasnt correct. Something was getting short circuted somewhere between the knees and the skis, and I think you put your finger on it.

Thank you! Looking forward to any other sage bits of advice you might have.
Thanks Linda! Keeping it simple often has the biggest affect with movement pattern corrections. I'd stay away from the "Pull this back, keep this forward, turn this, bend that" kind of "help". As you saw, a simple task of concentrating on the crux issue to your skiing blew open the doors.

This is what I really liked to hear,,,

btw, there is no more knee pain now that I use that ankle roll instead of trying to edge the ski with my knees....
Talk about killing two proverbial birds with one stone

Keep up the good work and keep it simple
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