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Discount Lift Tix Whistler

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Anyone know where to get discounted lift tickets at Whistler?

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Don't the 7-11's in the Vancouver area have some sort of deal?
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Originally Posted by gnjantzie
Don't the 7-11's in the Vancouver area have some sort of deal?
Yep. Easiest one is at Squamish, about halfway to Whistler from Vancouver. Makes a nice rest stop. Turn left at the main light for town and you'll just about run into the 7-11. Easily seen from the highway.
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Bought my tickets at the Squamish 7-11 a couple of years ago. I think they were like $12 less there than at the mountain.
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When we went 3 years ago, I pre-purchased a "deal" that brought the price down by nearly half. I don't know if it's still available, but well worth researching within their website. It may be under "local" deals. If it's there you'll find it. Good luck!

Just looked at the site, go to Tickets & Passes, what I'm talking about is the EDGE card. If you're nice with them over the phone, you can buy it even if you're not from the area.
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They have Edge cards and other cool deals. I buy mine at a one of the big ski shops on the way to Whistler. It saves lots of time and $$
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