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Demo Day at Stratton

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Sunday waws a consumer demo day at Stratton -Fresh snow (10 inches on Friday) - temps in the mid 20's-
Male - 5'7", 150#, advanced skier, 54 years old - ski on M10's - 157 cm
Nordica Nitrous - 162cm - as advertised forgiving of back seat driving - which I do a bit more of than I'd like - competent ski but thats it.
Elan Magfire 12 - 160 cm - very nice ski - smoother and quicker than my M10's but a little more demanding - they really need to be on edge
Head Supershape - 165 - too much ski for me - very stiff tail - really needed to stay on top of these babies - punished me if I got back even a little
Atomic ST11 - 150 cm - had a blast on these - quick,whippy and willin' - got thrown around a bit in the crud - but would be a great partner to my M10's - might consider a pair if I can find them cheap at an end of season sale

My wife (5'7", 125#) is looking for a new pair of skis to replace her 4 year old Atomic R10's - she skied the Burning Luv - 150cm, Atomic Balanze 9.6 Diva -159cn, Atomic Balanze 11 -150cm, Vokl AC2 - 156cm - she wasn't too fond of the Burnin Luv or the Balanze 9.6 - found the Ba;anze 11 and Vokl AC2 to her liking - lively, fun, and easy on her arthritic knees - she'll take out the Balanze 11's for a ful;l day demo and if all goes well I'll spend the rest of the season trying to catch up her on her new 11's.

It was a great day - the techs were all friendly and helpful - I was a bit disappointed that Fischer was not present - I wanted to try the RX8 and RX6 and the AMC 73 for my wife.
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Short and sweet.


I appreciate the feedback on the women's skis.
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