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iM70 vs iM75, 177, 184cm which one for me?

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Hello all, this place is a phenomenal resource. I've searched through mountains of threads trying to determine which ski might be best for me. I've narrowed it down to a couple. I'm not a gear expert so hopefully those here who have skiied lots of skis can help me. Sorry for the lengthy thread but hopefully the info will help in determining the right ski. I'm looking to pick up some leftovers or lovingly cared for used ski's.

I'm a strong intermediate skier. I do a little local club racing once a week. It's more of an excuse to get out of the house and have a few cold ones, but the racing is fun too. Nothing too hard core, kind of an easy GS course. For racing I use my Volkl GC P60's.

But I'm not looking for another racing ski, I'm searching for that Holy Grail of all mountain ski's.

I'm a big guy 6feet, 220lbs. Add the boots, clothing etc, probably 230 by the time I click in the bindings.

I like to ski hard and fast when I'm out with the boys, big GS type turns. I'm not a mogul guy, nor do I really like the trees. Mainly due to my lack of super quick turning skills.

The ski's I'm looking for I also want to use when skiing with my wife and daughter at a more relaxed pace, so I'm trying to avoid super stiff speed demons type ski's that are a bear to ski slow.

I ski 99% of the time out east, blue & black cruisers with some steeps and speed. If I'm lucky maybe one trip out West per year. So not much powder where I ski, groomers in the morning that get chewed up by noon.

I'm replacing an old pair of Atomic BetaRide 10.20's at 180cm. Good at speed, not so good at slower paces, very heavy with the plates and adjustable rental bindings on them. Funny how it's not just me getting wider, but the skis are too. These were considered free rides, 105-68-95 in their day, those dimensions look more like todays recreational speed ski.

I've been focusing on the Head iM 70's or 75's for their versatility and reports of stability at speed across various surfaces.

I'm leaning towards the iM70's due to my 99% ski time in the East, thinkin' the iM75's would be a good fit out West.

I'm also leaning towards the 184's due to my height and weight and having the extra board there for when the speed dial gets cranked up.

The other ski's I'm considering are Volkl 724 EXP's or Elan M666 (Elan's seem very hard to come by) or some K2 5500's, but concernced about their strength for my weight.

Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated, thanks.
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iM70 vs iM75, 177, 184cm which one for me?

I am also 6' and a bit heavier @ 225 lbs. For a ski with a 80mm or wider waist, I think 177cm would be fine. With a narrower waist and the type of skiing you describe, I would lean towards the 184cm length. See my post today reviewing 177cm Volkl AC4's and 175cm Volkl Allstars. I have a pair of 182cm Volkl 5 Stars and I think this is another ski/length you should consider - able to perform well in many conditions but also a forgiving, easy ski on the slopes. As many have said before me, if you can demo the skis / lengths you are interested in, you will be in a much better position to decide what works best for you.

Good Luck - Charlie
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I'll post this to the Gear Discussion forum

Sorry folks, I guess I should have posted this question to the Gear Discussion forum. I didn't read the small print that this Gear Review forum was for posting your actual experiences trying different skis.

I'll copy it to that forum instead, not sure I can move it to that forum.
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