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Rossi rpm21 differences from Bandit xx

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I need a pair of cheap skis for end of season skiing, ie. good for slush and cut up pistes and a nearly new pair of rossi rpm21 have appeared in 170cm with rossi axial 100 bindings at less than $170. I normally ski a pair of bandit xx in 170 and volkl four stars in 168. Love the 4 stars great everywhere. The bandits are also excellent, but i really want to preserve them as i don't like the replacement b2's at all, and end of season slop is what killed my last pair of bandit xx's(a large rock under the slop!). So perhaps these rpm121 would do the job.

The only worry is when i get tired at the end of the day often the bandits are hard work, i don't really want to buy too much ski. I normally ski any steep and groomed, mild off piste, some bumps (but not overly tight) Weigh 165lbs height 5' 9"

Any impressions would be welcome.
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I've owned a pair of 177cm RPM 21s & have owned some Bandit XXs. (I'm 5' 11", 180#.) The RPM 21 is the XX with a GS plate slapped on top. The result is interesting. The 21s are more stable at speed and better for bashing through heavy crud & slush. The plate makes them easier to carve on groomed runs. They do lose some nibbleness in powder and short turns which makes them less ideal for steep terrain and moguls.
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I bought 177cm RPM21s after demoing Bandit B2s. At 200 pounds, I liked the B2s but felt they were skewed just a little to the soft side for what I wanted. I traced the lineage of the B2 back to the XX, and its relationship to the RPM21. I'm very pleased with the RPM21 and feel it compares to the Volkl 724 EXPs and the Blizzard Titan XXLs I demoed, with my sights centered on an all-mountain, do everything ski that I could work with to improve in bumps and off-piste without hampering my groomer experience.

At your weight of 165, I wonder if the RPMs would be a bit stiff for what you're looking for?
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I am a little concerned they may be a little stiff, but my weight is probably nearer to 175 with boots and all the rest of the kit, so i think i may go for it as they will do the job of bashing through the crud. Thanks for the information on them. I found the B2 to be way to soft for hard pistes, they seemed to loose edge grip and had no where near the spring of even my old Bandit xx's that were over 100 days old when they got mangled by "the rock". They were more managable off piste however, but got bumped about when it got cut up. Are this seasons B2's similar to the old bandit XX as mine are not going to last forever?
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