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What Did I Buy??

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Have become a Ebay junkie.....staying up all hours WATCHING, SEARCHING, hunting and bidding. Some great deals now that the snow is starting to melt. Anywho, I bought a pair of Dynaster G9 Coupe race ski in 203cm used. They are yellow with orange and some shape but I have no idea on the numbers. Bases are good and as long as the camber is not gone I've just added another ski to my quiver. The price was right so I'm not out that much either way. Any idea what I bought???

Oh yea, my wife is threatening to take my Ebay account away from me....never!! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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The G9 was Dynastar's first shaped racing ski from about 5 years ago. They were also the first shaped racing ski to catch on with the racers at my old mountain. They are GS skis and came in two version, one with an integrated plate and one without. I have the G9 in a 206 cm length without the plate and they were my bomber skis for a few seasons. They carve nicely for their age and handle well at high speeds. I used to use them for crud conditions as well as bombing the groomers at Mt. Bachelor.
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sorry, thought i had a great link.

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Originally posted by ryan:
sorry, thought i had a great link.
But now its missing?

bwaaaahaahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahaha a
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Thanks Rio. Pretty much I was looking for when I saw them. A nice pair of point'em and shoot'em. These oones as well don't have the plates. Here is the link to the ski..I forget that we can do that here!! Cheap Bomber Skis . Like I said the price was right!!!
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$18 plus shipping, yes that price was right!
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That's funny, $18! They've got to me more than 5 years ago though. I'd say at least 6 or 7. They really were the first race ski to show much 'shape' and really started the wave. I still think they'll look like lawn darts now up against most other skis though. Maybe you should seek counselling. Either that or I'm going to put up a bunch of listing and forward you the links.
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The G9 ran for 4 seasons so their first year could have been 6 or 7 years ago. I can remember a friend who owns a ski shop whining because Dynastar G9s in their 3rd season on the market were still outselling his newer models.
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Artimus: You'd better hurry if you want to try these out at Blue this year. Their snow is going fast!
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I can't believe the price either!!! It just sat there and didn't go anywhere. Now to explain the jacket and pants that are counting down From the sounds of it, looks like I got a good steal. If you are going to post links I'm looking for.... As far as Blue goes I've already shifted to spring/summer gear. My bike is out, and gearing up for steelheader opener. I just collect booty at this time of year and drool over it until next winter. It makes that first ride SOOOO much better, plus the price is right!!
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I'd say the rules haven't changed, you got what you paid for. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

I've got a new pair of 195 Rossignol 9S's if you would like to complete your ensemble.
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What you have is the 95-96 version of that ski. I had a pair of those back in the day. That was the best straight ski I ever had by far. I bent them in moguls so the rep replaced them with the S9 slalom, which was also a nice ski but not as good as the G9 or the Rossi 7S. Someone gave me an unused pair of G9's recently. They are still fun to ski fast, but they feel pretty dead at moderate speeds compared to modern skis.


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I checked in my ski stash under my house and found a pair of mint condition 183cm G9s with Marker SC 51s. These were the junior version and would give your kid matching skis. How much will you offer?
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