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Atomic Metron B5 Binding Setting

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Hi my first post. I have just ordered a new pair of metron b5 's. I also have the M9's and a pair of the m11's. I started this weekend to play with the binding settings on the m11's, they came setup in the central position and I moved them to the forward position. Only had time to play wiyh them a little bit because I was teaching most of saturday, and could not make it out sunday. Iam 6.0 foot tall and weigh 180 lb's, iI ski at sunValley most the time since I live only 10 miles from their. My m11's are 172 cm, ordered the b5's 162 after demoing in both 162 and 172 lengths. Can anyone give any help with the pros and cons of both positons. Thanks for all the wonderful info this sight has already provided.
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Nope, sorry.

Seriously though, you have an adjustable binding, try moving it around and see what you like. If you don't have time for this, why did you buy a new pair of skis? We have no idea of you can ski your way out of a paper bag, or whatever, and that is going to have a pretty big effect on things.

But given that you're even asking this, I advise setting them all the way forward.
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Your the last person I expected to reply, I have read enough of this sight to know you hate the b5. However I should have included more info, Sorry.
I am have been skiing for 38 years, aprox level 8 lived most of my life in wisconsin now live in Sun Valley. I have been an insructor on and off since 1973, and for the last 2 years in Sun Valley. Ski mostly short turns but will do any kind of turn just to change thing up. Because I love short turns I also loved the b5. Hoping for some input from someone with experiece on the m11 or b5.
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I mostly ski the m10 and ski it centred. I have skied the B5 and M11 some, both centred and they skied well there so I never tried forward. I'm a 'ain't broke don't fix it' kinda guy. I don't see skiing the m11 forward as I think it would load too much on that expansive soft front end. The B5 I see being stiffer up front and better dampending might make a forward position work OK.
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Most people on the board prefer the forward position.

I had skied my M11s for the past 2 season in the forward position and loved them.

Recently I got new boots and the shop adjusted them to the central position.

I skied on them for one day like that and switched them right back to the forward position.
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Is there really that noticable a difference? have new M11's w/ 06 neox 412 in the center postion. Wondering what it would be like in the forward postion. I have a tendancy to get in the back seat now and then and I've found the m11's will punish you if your not centered or forward.
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There is definitely a difference. If you want to work on balancing very well in the center of your ski, leave them in the Center position. If, on the other hand, you want to be able to be a bit lazy about turn initiation and let the neutral stance place pressure more towards the shovel (thus initiating turns easier without having to be as balanced), put them in the Forward position.

I'm skiing my 05/06s in the Center position, and I skied my 04/05s in the Forward position (since that's where Joe put them when he mounted them for me). I find the 05/06s require more focus on my fore/aft balance than I had on the 04/05s, but I haven't swapped them to Forward, yet. I'll likely do that one of these days.

If you do it, let us know what you think.

Yes, there is a difference!
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