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Atomic Metron X For Sale?

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Do any reps have any that they would like to sell?

I know only reps have seen them in the US.

Atomic said they will not get any until around July.
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I think I saw this 2004-2005ski is on ebay shipping out of Canada , new in the wrapper with the new Atomic binding, below $600 US Funds.

I thought this was a great deal.
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Here's a website that lists them for sale:

Starting Gate

Here's a Metron XI that sold on EBay:


The XI has some freakish dimensions (127-76-115). The EBay description says it replaces the R:11, but those dimensions aren't remotely similar to the R:11 dimensions.
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I just purchased Metron XIs from Ski Fanatics near Waterville Valley, NH. They said that Atomic has just sent out a few pairs to various retailers in advance of the 2004-2005 season. Mine are 162L with dimenstions mentioned above. Radius is 11 Meters. Man are they wide. Can't wait to get out on the snow with them. I've been on Atomic C11-16s and love them. These should be super sweet. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I have a few pair, but I can't sell them. What we have of next season's product is for public demo during the WSSF in 3 weeks, and then go into the demo fleet for next year.

Certain shops have received 'pre-packs' with limited numbers of next season's models and limited size run of said models. Contact Whistler Village Sports @ 604 932-3327 to see what they have. They are one of the first here to receive from Atomic.
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bet those will be REALLY nice in breakable crust/crud :
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I have the Metron XIs and love them. I skied on them about 3 or 4 times.

My wife has last years R:10s and I would like to get her the Metron X but only reps got them this year.

They have ridiculous float for a 76 waist but the slalom cut makes them turn nice on the groomers.

The Metron XI are still slightly stiff in the middle but softer in the tips and tails so they don't dive.
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I just skiied the M11's in some pretty thick stuff off piste at Alta and Snowbird last week (It snowed 6-7" and then rained) and I have to say I have never skiied crud as well or as easily. I can't speak as to how they ski on hard pack, but for the stuff I was in, they ski "like buttah". I wish I knew how they compared to the R11s on firm snow, because I think that is the one weak point of the R11s.

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The M11's are not as good on hardpack as the R11's.

But they are not horrible either and are more versatile for softer conditions.
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A few pair of the 2005 Atomic Metron's were available from skideals@shaw.ca or 1-866-ski-deal. This shop is out of Calgary and ship UPS to the US.
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I would hope that you have checked the tune on your skis. Atomic's are known for there edge hold.
I have a hard time believing the M11's lack edge hold. 1 base and 3 edge.
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Max Cap your right , the m11 has very good edge hold and likewise so does the r11 and the
11-20 before that. If anybody is having problems with edge hold on these skis it would be technique rather than the skis . I have been on all the Metrons except the m10 & m8 and found them to have awsome edge hold . The big surprised was the m9 for edge hold , these things stuck in like mad and yet were very forgiving and stable ,they are going to be a real confidence builder for alot of people. If there are any issues with edge hold go for the B5 , it'll do everything from boiler plate , crud & frozen bricks to deep powder , an incredible do anything ski.

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