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Day 2 review of Hot Rod Nitrous

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Wen't up to Blue this Saturday for day 2 on the new Nitrous. Blue is still not much of a hill, but it does have much steeper runs that Moonstone, where I first tried out the Nitrouses...and loved them.

Conditions: Packed man made and natural base with 2-3 inches of fresh snow in some places. Some icey areas, but all in all good, great for this time of year. No bumps anywhere yet though.

Got an even better opportunity to test if these skis can handle a 200lb guy who likes to ski fast, and also if they can handle some steep ice.
Straight As across the board again. First few runs where on the "steepest" runs at blue and these boards carved beautiful arcs without complaining no matter how hard and fast I pushed them. They blew though crud with ease and felt very stable.

Got a chance to hit a few icey pitches and they carved through the ice beautifully. Maybe not quite as good as my Atomic Beta Race on the bullet proof stuff, but still worked very well.

Part of the glades were open, so I put them through their paces on some shorter turns in there and they were more than up to the task. There was about 6 inches of light powder in the trees and they floated beautifully.

Went to one of my favorite groomers, a straight away blue with the perfect consistent pitch for high speed carves. These skis loved every minute of it. They love long arcs and will hold carves at any speed.

For those of you worried about the price tag of the Top Fuels, do NOT overlook the Nitrous as they are about $300 cheaper. They are stiff, damp and very stong skis and easily handled speed and a 200 lb guy trying to overpower them all day.
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Nice review! Thanks...
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Nordica had a demo tent at my area Sunday. I was tempted to go over and try the Nitrous out , but got diverted. I should have, I'm curious about these skis. The reviews are all very very good and it looks like you can still get a great ski with the Nitrous without having to buy the Hot Rod.
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Yes. I think the Nitrous has been overshadowed by the Top Fuel, but is nearly as much ski for a substantiall cheaper price.
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Originally Posted by conor
Yes. I think the Nitrous has been overshadowed by the Top Fuel, but is nearly as much ski for a substantiall cheaper price.
The TF has not overshadowed the Nitrous all that much since Nordica is sold out of both (except for a few Nitrous in 170).

Look for more of the same from them next year but wiiiiiiiiiiider.

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First Day on my Nitrous

I skied Wednesday for the first time on my new Nitrous 178's. Went to Eldora, soft groomed runs, some choppy snow on the steeper stuff. I was skiing with family so I didn't really the chance to search out any bump runs. The bumps I did find were pretty spaced out with no clean lines.

(BTW - I'm 6'4", 195 lbs, skiing 26 years, avg 15-20 days a year in CO/UT, no idea what "level" skier I am, not big into high speed ripping, usually spend the entire day in the bumps and trees, old skis are Atomic R9 180's)

Anyway, the nitrous were great. Very damp, forgiving and suprisingly quick. I didn't feel like I had to drive the tips as hard on the nitrous as my atomics. The Nitrous seemed to prefer a more neutral stance with more ankle roll to initiate turns.

I found a few windblown patches and the skis seem to have pretty good edge hold on the harder stuff, but I'll have to more research into that as the snow was really very good all over the mountain.

I'm looking forward to taking them into some serious moguls. I'll report back when I get that opportunity.

Also, it was day 2 on the new Hot Rod Boots that Jeff Bergeron fitted for me. The difference in performace of a well fitted boot was startling. I'm still a little shocked that a boot can be that snug and still be comfortable.

Overall, I'm very happy with both the skis and boots.

Happy Holidays Everyone.
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We'll be waiting for the next report, godot!

Drop a PM if you'd like to link up for some turns one of these days in Summit.
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Looking forward to day 4

I've had 3 days in on mine, first day was a write off. Snow way to cold for anything to slide.
Day's two and three are a different story!
I was lucky enough to;
A. Be in Colorado, and
B. Be at Beaver Creek and Keystone.
We had great snow, but not any fresh powder. Weither it was hard packed, groomed corduroy, or a bit of wind packed powder, out of the box they ran, carved and blew through what ever was down.
The salesman wasn't kidding when he claimed that Nordica sold themselves short on this ski. They were catagorized for Ski Canada Magazine as a women's ski in their anual test, but at 173cm and a mighty 80 kilo's. I did not feel like I at any time overpowered these. They are stiffer than my '00 Bandit XX's are.

And to my shagrin, if the skis looks and performance aren't enough, they are a great conversation starter as well, some woman noticed that the X35 Bindings when viewed upside down spell SEX...
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