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Skis for International Inferno Race?

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Hi All,

I have rather foolishly agreed to ski the Inferno Race in Muerren, Switzerland with some friends in January and badly need advice on a ski suitable to the terrain.

I am an uppper intermediate skier, comfortable all over the mountain but not great in the deep stuff, 6'1" and 190lbs. The race which will be my first is a downhill 16km (about 10 miles) long, but with flats and a short uphill thrown in for variety

I demoed the Bandit B3 and Volkl 5* at the weekend in deep powder, but am not really sure what I ought to be looking for (and doubt that there will be much powder around if there are 1800 of us racing!)

If anyone has Skiid this course before I would be very greatful for a few tips!
Many thanks for your thoughts,


From the website:

"The Inferno Race is particularly suited to allround skiers. As the official documentation explains: "The upper part of the course demands downhill turning technique and an optimal line. The middle section calls for an ideal downhill position and fast gliding. From the "Kanonenrohr" to the "Höhenlücke" technically superior skiers come into their own. Over the stretch from Maulerhubel to Winteregg, skating step and arm power can be all-important. And from Winteregg-Spriessenkehr to Lauterbrunnen optimal equipment, a clean downhill position and - not least - mental stamina can be the key to a fast final time."
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get some wide, not too soft ski that is known for busting through crud and chpped up snow.

ie: volkl mantra, stockli snake...

the chance to ski any untracked snow in the race will be minimal i guess.

ps: wo wohnst du? in st. stephan kann man an der mittelstation das gesamte stöckli programm testen. schau dir mal den stormrider XL und den snake an. der snake is scho a huare geiler ski!
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Ich wohne in Genf, ~2h30 von St. Stephan aber ich versuchen, über Weihnachten dort aufzustehen. Sehr viel für Ihre Empfehlungen, haben danke Sie getan das Rennen vorher?

Sorry if that doesn't make much sense: a mixture of schoolboy German and Babelfish
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i haven't skied the race. just guesseing what ski may work. essentially width and length will make for a smoother ride, you will not get tossed around as much in the tracked out snow at speed. a 180 snake may be a nice choice. damn great ski anyway, anywhere.

how could i forget there are french speaking swiss...sorry!
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Just for those who might be interested in racing this in the future;

The average kit seemed to be a pair of 220-240cm long GS skis predating modern carvers, and a Swiss cheese styled cat suit. Very fetching.

As for my race: I crashed badly at transition from first steep to a 3/4 mile flat/uphill and found it bloody hard work with brakes jammed on on one ski for the next 9 miles. Ashamed to say even the worst skier in our team beat me!

The overall winner managed an astonishing 15:00:94

Something to aim for next year I suppose!

Good luck
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