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twintip mounting help! again:(

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Well got another pair of Karhu twintip and again they do not have the mounting point for regular boots

all of my single tip skis got an arrow way behind the mid length of the ski but this one got a arrow way ahead of the mid point....It's around my regular boot toe area.

Should I just put it agains my regular skis and copy the mark to my new twintip?............I plan on moving my binding a little forward this time around

can anyone help? How can I find the right point to align my boot with and have my damn bindings mounted?........and no sorry I'm not going to have someone mounted for me. I have done it ever since many time never had any problem and yes I am that cheap)

Thanks in advance
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I would contact Line and see if there is a comperable Line ski that can be used as a comparison.

I remember there have been a lot of Karhu and Line skis that are identical (exception being topsheet).
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Search on BoF (Ball of Foot) and follow the advice.
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I have decided to go safe and move it a little forward of my usual binding for this season. last season I always have that falling backward feeling with my old pair maybe this would help a little and my old pair are mounted way back
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