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2007 gear

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does anybody know anything about the new skis for 2007. Some come out in a couple months.

Just Curious!!
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You know i was pretty sure someone would start a thread like that
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2007 is old news. Tell me about 2008 and 2009 skis!

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Next year's (2007) skis are aready rolling into US warehouses. Ski shop folks will be skiing on them right after New Years. Your new skis will be old by mid-January.
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2007? I'm still trying to figure out the bargains with the left over 2005 gear.
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are there any websites with pictures of 2007 skis
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If you're patient, there will be tons of pics up soon, right after SIA Jan 23rd-26th.
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The trends of the last few years will continue.

1) Most new models will be wider than the models they replace. A 70 mm waist will be considered a "skinny" ski in 0607.
2) Twin tip/Freeskiing models will get a lot of attention. This is not an insignificant part of the market anymore.
3) Systems, systems, systems. There will be fewer flat skis in the market place.

and another, unfortunate, development...retail prices will see their first significant increase in a few years. Two years of a weak dollar vs. the Euro and rising prices pf petroleum-based products (bases, sidewalls, and topsheets) will take their toll next year. I guarantee it.
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We're going to be seeing LOTS of next year's graphics on the race gear in the coming months, especially with the '06 games looming on the horizon...
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