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Mammoth ticket discounts?

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I have a good friend who will be skiing Mammoth with her family some where around the 15th to 21st of January. Her folks are footing the bill for airfare (she lives in Oregon) and lodging, but she will need to buy her own tickets, and she's stressing out on the cost (she's getting back into skiing, and will be buying new clothing and boots).

So, I wonder, are there any ways to procure discounts, on lift tickets at Mammoth, that I can clue her in to? :
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Just came back and skied there Thursday and Friday with a $37 a day voucher that expired on Friday. I didn't see any place offering discount tickets unfortunately. Others more informed may know more.
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About the only thing I am aware of is the old standby, multiday tickets. Tell your friend to watch the web site forum for info.
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