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KevinF, I'm impressed. After spending the weekend skiing with you, I would have never guessed you had those fears just last year. You did great.

disski, please don't worry, your going to learn more and have a much better time then you think. Just please go into this with an open mind, you can only learn if you want to. If you think you won't get anything out of the trip, chances are you will be disapointed.

I also was a bit nervious late last week. I haven't been to Stowe in years and it's "Front Four" trials of which Liftline is one are some of the toughest terrain in New England.

With Mikes coaching, we all had a great time.

I also had the same fears about thin cover. I ski Okemo over 60 days a season for over 10 years. I know every rock on the hill. All you need to do is slow down your pace and look ahead. The grooming at Stowe was much lower then the quality I'm used to, so I just slowed down my pace and kept my eyes open. I knew that the snow would not be up to the Okemo standard I'm used to, but in the end it's all just snow, frozen water crystals.

Please don't worry, you'll be in good hands.
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I appreciate all the testimonies that have been offered and the resounding support from skiers from all levels. I skied this morning in a group lesson in Summit County. Although I enjoyed it, I came away feeling, “I want more!” I’m convinced that the ESA has something for everyone …I believe!
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Okay, this place wasn't real easy to find, but here I am...

Epic Ski held its annual 'Eastern Tune-up' last weekend at Stowe. This is the third year my wife and I have attended. As usual the coaching was as good as coaching ever gets. My wife worked with Jeb Boyd from the PSIA Demo Team, and I worked with Bob Barnes, THE Dean of Ski Instruction (assisted one morning and in video review by Doug Stewart of Stowe - an outstanding young skier, instructor - and bootfitter).

By now we expected to be fine tuning our skiing, but as always happens, sadly, there are issues that go beyond 'fine tuning'.

This was the first time I was able to work with Bob. Bob was able to diagnose, make clear to me, and show me how to correct poor movements in my skiing. By the time we hit the video analysis, I was able to see exactly what was going on and understand why it was hindering my skiing (kudos to Doug here as well). I'd add, for those of you who have not had time to talk with Bob, he is a fine person to spend time with. [I'll leave it to my wife to write about Jeb's coaching, but you'll hear similar comments.]

In any case, these gents are the real deal. If you're looking for some real coaching and not the mediocrity on-hand in too many ski 'schools' check these folks out. We're already looking forward to next year's event - our 4th time around.
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Hey, this is an outstanding event. Year 3 - and still working on big issues (every year I'm thinking that it will be 'fine-tuning').

I have watched others ski with Bob Barnes in past years and heard the comments. This year was my turn. It's all true. Bob diagnosed problems, explained them to me in a way that made them clear, and set up some exercises to push me into correct movements. By the time we got to the video analysis, the problems were immediately visible. I would add that Bob is a person worth spending time with on a personal level - he's just a fine human being.

I thank Doug Stewart also - who I worked with last year and who assisted in the AM of day 1 and in the video analysis. Doug is an outstanding young skier, instructor - and bootfitter.

My wife worked with Jeb Boyd, PSIA Demo Team member. Jeb is outstanding in every way - from a sense of humor, to a generous spirit, to an insightful coach.

In short, these guys are the real deal, and this camp comes at a time of the season where it can really work to drive your game up several notches (it has pushed my wife and I to a level of confidence to be able face and enjoy the backcountry for the past couple of seasons).

Many thanks to all the organizers, coaches and participants who make this event happen. It is truly special.
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This from 'Mrs.' Bearberry (Ewa): More Ladies needed. Why aren't there more women attending this event??? This is the third consecutive year I have attended the Eastern Tune-up. This year there were, besides Robin Barnes (an instructor), just 5 women.

I was in a group with 5 true gentleman: Bob, Stuart, Frank, Jacek, and Jeb. It was a pleasure to ski in their company. So ladies, don't hesitate, this is an event for us too! This is NOT a place where you'll likely find those ill-mannered, raw-meat eating, chest-thumping, macho duds that are so intolerable.

Let's bring some girl-power to this event!

PS. Thanks, Jeb, for being an outstanding coach! I look forward to skiing with you at next year's Tune-up.
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Though it may be politically incorrect to say so, Merry Christmas to all who have posted kind words and interesting comments about the Stowe ESA. I learned a great deal, and assure you that during the event I had more fun than anybody there.

Let's do it again! I hope to see many of you at Snowbird at the end of January.

In the meantime Hapy New Year.

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Clinic notes

FWIW - As promised, here are my clinic notes. If you'd like to get a detailed feel for what being at ESA weekend was like, I hope this helps.
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Great account, Rusty. Thank you!
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I know I took a group picture of one or two of the groups. I'll check to see if I have yours.

Great review, Rusty! Come back in 2006!
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Originally Posted by oboe
I know I took a group picture of one or two of the groups. I'll check to see if I have yours.

Great review, Rusty! Come back in 2006!
Oboe, this is their group with Jeb's group:
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Thanks for the link Rusty. You seem to have left out one of the important parts, where are all the jokes .

A tip to all fellow EPIC members who may someday ski with Rusty, if he say's "knock knock"

don't answer the door.
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Did you say Knock Knock?

Little Boy Blue is there!
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
Oboe, this is their group with Jeb's group:
Yep, I did say I took shots of "one or two groups", and I guess it was two at once right near the top of the Gondola. As I recall, Fox, this was just before the long pause on Gondolier when Mike Rogan discussed the possibility of an ESA event at Portillo, right? The "deal sealed with spit"?
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I have to speak up.

Dis......stop. You're going to ESA. You won't be in better hands unless you're in heaven.

I went to two of them, plus the first ETU at Stowe. I'm not a great skier, but they sure helped make me a better one. No one pushed me in over my head, no one waved anything but a friendly hand, and I had equally as many concerns as you have. I have 'special problems' too, and they were accomodating and interactive with these.......and it was not a problem. The coaches actually enjoy 'figuring out the puzzle' that is you uniquely, and you'll get some good advice.

Snowbird is a fun place. Our group spent some time at Alta, too (same lift ticket). The snow will be so deep that your boulder worries will be a laughable issue. Your only REAL problem will be how to stop that ache in your face from skiing The Greatest Snow On Earth for days in a row. It can be hell.

I had nothing but Fun Fun Fun till my Daddy took my lift pass away.

You will, too.
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Originally Posted by oboe
The "deal sealed with spit"?
The deal is still sealed. The details are being worked on.
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Musta been pow'ful spit! You dah man, Fox!
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Great report, Rusty! Thanks for taking time to put it together.

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That's high praise. You're welcome.
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