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Maximize My Money Flow

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How do I make lots of money teaching skiing?

C'mon now, help a brother out.
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Become a living legend in skiing, open your own clinics in your specialty. Then francise it.
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what's a lot of money?

i probably had the most enjoyable lesson today in recent memory. it was two sisters who just wanted to rip. we skiied all over winter park and mary jane.

a supervisor came up to the three of us this afternoon and shouted to me, "you're not actually expecting us to pay you to ski with them are you?"

gotta go soak in the hot tub
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Write a book about some brand new way of skiing. Get the mags to write about you. Sell the book and some videos. Keep writing more and selling more. Then, you might make something. But, perhaps not.
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I'm kinda hoping TCS might weigh in on this.

Edit: I have just been notified that this will not be possible. Please, carry on.
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Start with a large one
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The pay ski instructors get is the smile on the faces of students. You want to make a lot of money? Get involved in some other industry than the ski industry.
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Originally Posted by disski

Start with a large one
Love this answer
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Came from my ski instructor!

this is not a career you chose for money!

We worked out that I could work 2-3 days a week, ski the rest & even paying for lessons & lift tickets & accom etc I would still do better than as an instructor.... Hence - I keep refusing the offers to be a ski instructor!
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I didn't think there would be so many posts on this thread
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Originally Posted by disski

Start with a large one
Often times told as:

How to make a million as a ski instructor?
Start with a billion.

It can't be done except by the fery fortunate few. And it's usually just a matter of luck more than skill (not that you don't also need to be skilled).
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Here's the formula:

Get accepted as an instructor at Vail, Beaver Creek, Deer Valley, or Sun Valley.

Spend the next ten seasons doing ONLY private lessons for Middle Eastern oil sheiks, Russian mobsters, Hong Kong entrepreneurs, European ex-royalty, and American hedge fund runners. Make sure you do Google research on every prospective client that the ski school tries to assign to you and don't accept anyone whose estimated net worth is less than 500 million (dollars, pounds, euros). :

Treat them like kings and make certain every tiny portion of their ski vacation is perfect.

By the end of the ten years, your tips should outdo your ski school wages by about 50 to 1 and you should be set up for life.

Alternatively, you could just accept the fact that you might make just enough money to have a wonderful lifestyle in a fabulous location and meet great people along the way. That's the more likely scenario.
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The other scenario that works (& faster) is to marry the rich clients daughter.... so you just need to work long enough to find one wealthy client with a daughter of suitable age (between 16 and 60 say )

oh.... or one of my instructors ran off with the mother of two of his race kids... husband quite well off I gather so she should get an OK settlement & child support & etc etc
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