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Salomon Equipe GC Wowee-Wow

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SKI: Salomon Equipe GC 178cm. 114/69/102 (17.5m radius)
Me: 230 lbs of pure powerful fat
When: Killington 12/10/05

I've never been a big fan of Salomon skis. Not that they didn't ski well, I just preferred snappier heftier skis in the past such as Volkl, Atomic and Fischer.

Last week I took a race clinic and then entered a GS ASRA race at Killington. Day 1 I skied GS on my older 16m radius Atomic 9.16 skis. Too chattery for GS. So I went in search of some non-FIS GS demo skis, which nobody seemed to have available for demo.

Basin ski shop recommended the Salomon CG and since it was my only option I figured I'd give them a try even though they're "foamies." Now, I have to have a pair. From the first turn, these felt nicer thany ski I've ever skied. I thought I'd never find a more enjoyable ski for skiing Eastern conditions than my Atomic SL11 World Cups, but these were immediately an all out winner. :

They were as silky smooth over rough terrain as I could ever imagine a ski to be, without a hint of nervousness. Just a slight roll onto their edges hooked me up into the most enjoyable medium and long radius rides that I've ever had. They tracked like laser guided missles on day old 10" of loose new snow over PP. At the end of the turn they had plenty of snap. Turn initiation was effortless and they were a forgiving blast riding over some small to moderate bumps.

In the gates they were smooth, quiet, fast and stable. The 178 was plenty of ski for a steep, rather turny GS on Highline. Far better than my 9.16's and the edgehold was excellent on the icy sections. These are a very powerful carving ski with what seem to be the ideal turn shape for anything short of deep powder.

My friend tried them the next day after listening to my raves (and after I went from 2 seconds slower than him to 2 seconds faster) and had the same WOW feeling that I did.

I don't think I could overpower this ski in anything short of a World Cup GS race. Its the most fun ski I've been on yet, although I admittedly haven't demoed much in the past 2 years. Despite my fear of the foam core, I think I will have to find myself a pair. I think that the 69 mm waist was a big reason these were so versatile and stable. I no longer seem to have any use for skis with a 62-64mm waist.

Anybody else tried these? I haven't read much about them and I'd like to know how they compare to some other GS cheater or Cross skis.
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Hi CM,

Great review. Ive heard that this is the best new ski from Salomon in years.


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Sounds like a match for the short-turning Equipe SC, which btw made the streetracers and lower Salomons seem like rubish.
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As I have been saying in various posts here- Salomons rip- to bad there are so many so-called experts here dismissing Salomon as "unskiable" Try the SC's for SL type carving they are amazing~!
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IIRC, the GC and SC are NOT foam.
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GCs are great

I have a pair of GCs that I am in love with also! Easy to ski, rewarding for doing the right things and not at all punishing for my frequent mistakes. This is a "Must Try" ski for this season.

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Originally Posted by BigE
IIRC, the GC and SC are NOT foam.
Not sure what IIRC means but you should check the Salomon website.
The SC does have some wood, but the GC states:

"Isocell Complex core
Aeronautics technology, smooth, dampeningFoam Complex:Reactivity, reboundCore adapted to athletic skiers who look for sensations with control"
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IIRC: If I recall correctly.

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Last year, I had a similar "wowee" experience with the Salomon Equipe 10 SC during a demo session.

I have skied on a pair of Dynastar Max 2 170cm skis since I bought them new in 1996 or so. I have generally been satisfied with them, but I wondered if perhaps my "intermediate level" 10 year old skis might be lagging behind my current skills or current technology. A friend of mine recommended trying several different skis at the Northstar demo shop, so I did.

First off, I tried the Dynastar Skicross 10, to see what advances there had been in the same brand, in a higher-budget/higher-skill ski. I took a pair that were similar in length to my old skis. The first thing I noticed as I rode the lift to the top was that they were much heavier than my Max 2s. They seemed to ride a little smoother, but didn't seem to be any more responsive or better at handling ripples or ice than the Max 2s. I felt no compulsion to buy a pair.

Next, I tried a pair of Volkl 5-stars, which my friend had raved about. I was excited to try these out -- I think I tried 163cm at first because the 168s were out, then switched to the longer ones. I liked them a little better than the Skicross 10s, but they didn't really impress me either.

I came back and asked the rental tech what else he had in a carving ski, and he indicated that the only other ski he had in that genre was the Salomon Equipe 10 SC Pilot. I recognized it as being the really funky looking extreme-sidecut ski I had noticed the previous night in the Salomon catalog. When I saw it in the catalog, I thought it must be a hyper-specialized ski that I shouldn't even consider. But what the heck, I had paid for a day's worth of demos and it was the only thing left that I could demo. It was my chance to find out exactly what this crazy looking ski was all about. They had pairs in 160cm and 165cm. The rental tech recommended 160cm for me, so I went with that. On the lift, I noticed that while they were heavier than my Max2s, they were lighter than the newer Dynastars and the Volkls. On the way down the hill, I was just amazed by the speed of the response, the stability, and the grip. They could carve very tight turns, and reverse direction at a thought. Wowee. I was impressed. I was not going to turn these in until the end of the day, because I wanted to see if I could find their weak spot.

The ungroomed mogully run that had given me trouble on my Max2s seemed like it might reveal the weakness of an extreme-sidecut ski with a fat tip and tail. However, that run was much easier on the Salomons than on my Dynastars. I think it was a combination of the shorter length and the ability to cut a tighter arc, so that I could actually carve a path around the bumps, and jump turns were easier when I hadn't been looking ahead and had to check my momentum quickly.

By the end of the day, I was sufficiently impressed to consider buying a new pair of skis. The pro shop was sold out, so I bought the demo pair. Unfortunately, that was on the last day of my trip, and my last day of skiing last year. I can't wait to get out there and use them. Next weekend, wahoo!
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I think most of Salomon's detractors would agree that out of the wrapper, they ski fine. But their construction leads to the ultimate problem...durability. A guy your size may reduce these fantastic skis to limp spaghetti in a very short time. Demo the Fischer RC4 World Cup RC. It's the same laminate construction as the full-on race stock ski but a little softer and with a non-compliant side cut. Should hold up better for you.
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It kind of sounds like this ski has enjoyable 2nd and 3rd gears..as well??, as opposed to my HEADs that seem to want to go for 5th gear...right off the bat.. y/n...
CM, ..how were its short-radius turns..easy enough..?
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This is a very old post but if I may comment, I still have my GCs' and still like them a lot. My current Racetiger SLs are demanding and rewarding however the GCs I continue to use although they are older now. They lost some pop but if you can ski, they continue to perform. I sold them recently but the guy agreed to give them back to me. My first run this year will be on the old GCs. As it turns to boiler plate, I'll click on the Volkls. GCs were great skis. That's all I can say. Have a good season guys and gals.
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Looking at the older Salomons, there were Salomons, and then there were Solomon Equipe and LAB skis.   The Equipe and LAB were completely different from the other Salomons.

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