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Volkl 5 star vs 6 star

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i was thinking of buying a pair of volkl 5 or six stars and was wondering if anyone had any input on which one to get im 6 2 250 intemediate skier and i have a pair of atomic m10 that i ski on now, most skiing done in nj ny and vt
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I have been on 6 stars for a couple years. I would not consider them good for a intermediate skier. The 6 requires that the skier stay on top of the ski and really drive the ski.

5 Star definitely has a bigger sweet spot.
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thanks im just trying to find a good second ski to compliment my metron ski how are the 5s on ice
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I think the 5*'s handle ice very well. Actually, that's one of the reasons I bought a pair...our local ski areas = alot of ice at times. I agree the 5* has a "bigger sweet spot" than the 6*. I had more fun on them when I demoed both and is the main reason why I bought them. You can push them real hard or just sit back and relax with them(they do like to be driven, but, it's not required). The only thing I think they are deficient in is powder. It handles powder OK, but, I would have looked for something else if more powder skiing was available for me. If you have to ski mostly groomed and/or icy conditions(western PA for example) than the 5* is a great fun ski. I'm about 5'11" and 210 lbs. I'm not sure what to tell you about the size difference you have over me. I've heard that individuals your size may enjoy the 6* more because they can flex the ski easier, but, I don't personally know anyone your size who skis, so, it's just hear-say for me. Hopefully, someone will chime in who is more your size and give their experiences on them. If you can demo them, do it. I'm glad I did because I was interested in the 6* before demoing both. Good luck!

I almost forgot...I agree with StormDay. The 6* does require more attention than an intermediate skier may be able to give. Likewise, it may even disappoint a more advanced skier who is looking for a ski that they can relax on when they want.
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volkl 5 star vs 6 star

Purchased both the 5 star and 6 star in 2005. 168cm for both. Love the 5 star. Does everything well. One of the best skis I have skied for awhile. The 6 stars are a lot of ski. Have to always be on it. The 5 star is more fun and is great for almost everyone. The 6 star needs a really good skiier and even then it is a lot more work then the 5 star. More ski then most people need. Have skied a lot of skis. PSIA instructor and Ski Patrol. My vote would be the 5 star. Have even been thinking of trading my 6 stars for another 5 star.
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5* would be fine, but you may also want to consider a Nordica Hot Rod Eliminator, a Fischer RX6, or an Elan S10 (older so may be hard to find).
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