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Lifters for 8800's?

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I bought some demo 8800's at the end of last season. They came with Look nx11 bindings. The bindings dont seem to have any/much lift to them. Tried to research that particular binding to see how much lift it provides but did not find any info. After reading several posts about lifters it seems that lifters help on groomed/hardpack but dont provide much of an advantage in powder. Given that skiing hardpack is a reality, and can be fun too, should I add lifter plates to these skis? Also, are lifter plates something I can mount - add - remove - expirement with myself or does it require a ski shop. Lastly, what lifters would you recommend for the nx11's.

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Can't help you on the NX11 specifics or lifter.

I have the 8800's with Look P10's with the Look 6mm riser.

Rides great, good edge to edge speed. If I rode Hardpack all the time I would put more lift on and still may.

so far I am happy with it with no complaints.
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Sorry I can't help you out but how do you like the 8800s? Good for powder and some groomers too? Easy to turn etc? Thanks for the help.
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As shameful as it is.. I havent been on them yet. They have a nice tune on them and I dont want to screw them up - yet - as the early season has not been very good. But - now that we are getting dumped on that will change!!
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your NX11 demos should have around 10mm lift, i wouldn't go much higher than that on 8800s
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Thanks! One thing is for sure - the nx11's definitely have more lift than my Salomon 900s.
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