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What sucks

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is that I'm stuck here and just called a buddy to see if he wanted to get some exercise today and he answered his cell in the gondola at Stowe where he is about to head into the woods for some freshies. Just had to vent.
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Sounds like time to sit on the crapper for about a half hour with some warm slippers on, a good magazine and a glass of scotch and just hope that your buddy is stuck deep in the woods with a lost ski whilst desperately in search of a comfy potty.
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Evil thoughts there carvemeister... nothing worse than needing a toilet when you're nowhere near a facility, especially if chilli was on last night's menu!
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you must be jealous, mad, confused, and other stuff. I guess i dont get the whole crapper thing though.
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It's ok...the snow wasn't very good in Vermont today anyway.
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Ill be there doing that from the 26th to the second!!!
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I hear you...I'm a bay area local, used to skiing Tahoe every weekend during ski season...for the last 2.5 years I've been working overseas and have been lucky to get a week in each season. :

And I've had to endure tales from friends of their ski trips to tahoe, pictures, emails, etc. Think they're going again tomorrow. The bastards!!
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