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A Better BoF method

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I sent this in response to a PM from a fellow Bear. I thought it might be of value for others so here is my latest method for determining where your Ball of Foot (BoF) is in your boot shell.

Determining where the ball of your foot rests in your shell (or determining where the midsole mark hits your foot) is tough. I'm always trying to come up with more accurate methods. Lately I've started using a method to determine where my BoF rests in my shell rather than where the boot midsole hits my foot (this is different than one of my previous posts on this subject).

1. Pull out your boot liner. Put it on your foot (with the footbed/insole in it) and make sure your heel is all the way back. Flex your foot forward bending at the ball of your foot. Mark on the liner (with tape or a marker) where the ball of your foot is (I use the point right in the middle of the ball).

2. Try your best to determine the positioning of your liner on your bootboard (zeppa). I looked at the imprints of some holes and writing in my bootboard and then looked at the bottom of my liner to figure this out. Once you know where your liner lands on your bootboard you can transfer the BoF mark from the liner to a spot on the bootboard. I used a very small strip of foam tape so that I could easily feel it when the bootboard is reinserted in the boot shell. Make sure the piece of tape is aligned with the inside edge of the bootboard (where it will be nearest the big toe side of the shell).

3. Reinsert the bootboard into the shell. Put your hand in the shell and find the piece of tape. (Here's the slightly tricky part) At the BoF point on the bootboard move your finger so it is pressing against the inside of the shell at that point (I have Flexons so getting a hand inside my boot is easier than most). Then take your other hand and press a finger at about the same point on the outside of the shell (for this part I put the shell on a table with a piece of paper under it so that it can slide on the boot sole easily). If your fingers are properly lined up then the forces when pressing them together will cancel out and the shell won't "shift" (rotate) and you've found the BoF point on the outside of the shell - mark it! If the shell shifts or rotates a bit keep moving the outside finger until it "finds" the inside finger.

* another possibility I've considered is using a small penlight (or tiny laser pointer) to "beam" a light through the plastic on transparent (or semi-transparent) shells. I'm still looking for a better way to transfer the BoF mark from the bootboard to the outside of the shell.

4. Now that you have the BoF mark on the outside of the shell it can just be lined up with the BoF mark on the ski (running/contact length divided in half). Using a right-angle straight edge you can place a new midsole mark on the ski by carrying it down from the boot's midsole mark. Now mount the bindings according to the new midsole mark on the ski.

I've found that this method is far more accurate than the "tapping the shell" method that is usually discussed.
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3. Magnets. Have you tried magnets?

With a nice strong rare earth one, maybe even call it 2.5 from inside the liner?*

*Yeah, cube law and all that.
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I like that idea! Magnets could be just the ticket. The hard part will be finding the right kind though (hang on - I'm gonna go test my kids' "Magnetix" stuff)...

Eureka! They work perfectly! Here's a link to what I'm using http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...oys&n=13588391

The little "column" shaped sticks have fairly strong magnets and the shape is ideal for pinpointing the spot on the boots. They readily attract right through the shell plastic. Thanks comprex for the best solution yet.
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LUK if the 777s take to BOF very well.
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