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"I learned on the Internet"

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this was a new one for me today.

Guy and his teenage daughter, both very intelligent and articulate people who turned up and said they were level 2.

Then dad explained that 2 days previously, they'd been at our neighbouring resort on their bunny hill, the girl froze at the top, raced down the hill, hit the tables, got airborne and landed on her side on the terrace. Went to hospital for x-rays etc. Ye gods!

I assumed they'd been in lessons.

We headed down to the chair, and their wedges were a bit shaky but both stood very nicely on their skis and turned kind-of OK. Ish.

Went up chair. Started down our easy run.
Something (Madeleine) was just Not Right.

I asked if they'd actually had a First Time lesson, and no, says Dad, I got on the internet and worked it out from there.

: : :
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You get the best students don't you!

I met a doctor at the Thredbo YHA who had read HH book... but refused to take a lesson....
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Must-a-been EpicSki...or not...
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I used to get regular requests to teach something the guest had read in one or the other of the ski magazines. Haven't heard that one for quite some time now. Maybe the mags are explaining stuff better? I quit reading them years ago.
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I slept at the Holiday Inn ...

When I arrived at the first ESA, I was one of those who learned everything from magazines and the Internet (mostly EpicSki).

But I also slept at the Holiday Inn and voila, I made it into Arcmeister's advanced group of skiers (for both ESA I and II).

I would not recommend my approach, but it is not impossible.
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Hell, Hans learned in his living room....


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Hey, I've got some Markers like those. Might even have some old leather boots like that if the squirrels haven't made them into lunch.
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Back when thong ...... was ...
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