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Stowe trip 05' 06'

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I know that over the past couple of days that Stowe has been hit with 10'' at a time but when I look at their trail map most of the Front Four trails seem to be closed. I am going up there over the Christmas holiday and i was wondering if anyone has an idea if they will be open by that point?
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Quit worrying roger, things will be perfect, if their closed, we could sneak in .
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like most resorts, they are probably preserving the snow from being skied off before the big holiday week.
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Not Jay. They are reporting almost 100% open after this last storm. If I were you I would drive the extra few miles and hit Jay for a day or two that week. It will probably be much less crowded and have some pretty sweet skiing, even in the woods.
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sounds good charlie, Hey don't you have some patroller friends that could maybe open a rope or two????:
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There OPEN today....
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10'' of new just today. I think that makes it like 30 in 3-4 days
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