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Where to mount for New PE

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Hey, I just got my bindings today and am going to get them mounted tomorrow. I know that the center of the ski is supposed to be for the park skier that wants the most performance there(+7). I am going to be skiing a lot off the park, mainly, and a little in the park. I was thinking that I would mount it at +5. Anyone have any experiences, should i mount them further back or what? thanks for your input.
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That would be fine. I have mine at +2 and if I could do i over again would go +5 or centered.
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PE mounting

I mounted demo bindings on my PEs. For everyday riding i set them 5 ahead. I don't really ride the park much, but i like to ride switch...it's way easer with that setting. I think 7 foward setting is more for the seth pistols. If there is fresh snow i move them back to center or a little behind. Having the bindings adjustable, makes the ski more versatile For really deep days i want something longer, but in a 170 they do everything else i need them to.
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I'd go +3 for more all mountain, thats where i'd remount mine to.
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thanks everyone, i decided to go with a +3 because i really want the all mountain ski
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all-mountain, I always recomend +2 or 3, park +5, strictly park/rails +7.5 (center).

Something to keep in mind, I'm not sure about the Visious, but Seth rode the Pistol's at +5 (and in a 189). Personally, when I've skied +5 I wasn't a huge fan (for all-mountain, might have been better in steeper pitches).
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