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R:11s ok for wife?

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Hello Bears. I picked up a set of 160 R:11s last year as my first pair of skis. They rip and are a lot of fun, but I've got the gear bug as we all do. My wife currently has zero gear, but we'll be getting her a pair of boots before we go West in April. We really don't get many days on the slopes, but she's still a technical level 7 or so. She's been to Summit Co. once last year and can/will ski blacks out there. She prefers groomers so I know the style of the ski is what she would want. At 5'6" and 135# will the R:11s at 160 be ok to pass on to her, or are they too much? After I got them I realized that they like to be skied a little longer than normal and I should probably have gotten a 170 or so(I'm 5'9" 170#). Anyway, I'm wondering if they'll be ok to pass on to her so I can get something new. Thanks!

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The 160 R:11s are more suited for her than you, I would imagine (a bit short for you, I agree).

For you, as you asked in the PM, the RX8 would be a great ski for where (and how) you ski. You should also consider a Hot Rod Eliminator or some of the Elan S12s.
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Thanks Steve. I think I'll start looking for some RX8s or something similar.
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