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'05-'06 M:EX vs '02-'03 R:EX

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Finally got ot work out my new M:EXs.

'05-'06 Atomic M:EX, 175 vs. my '02-'03 Atormic R:EX, 184

Conditions: variable; harder packed powder, and untracked man-made, then tracked up crud. Cold temp.

The M:EX is a very smooth ski that will lay down a ripping arc, even with it's waist-width (84). It is not as stable as the old R:EX. Granted, I'm comparing to a ski 9cm longer. The R:EX is as stable as they get in any conditions; the M:EX felt skitter-ish at the top end of the speed chart. That said, the M-EX did not let me down at any speed, but felt a bit more nervous.

The M:EX also doesn't bust crud the way the R:EXs do. Again, not that they are not excellent in crud, just not the bulldozer that the R:EX is.

The M:EXs initiated medium and smaller radius turns with ease, whereas the R:EXs have to be worked much harder to come around quickly. The M:EX loves GS-sized turns. The R:EX loves SG/DH-sized turns.

Summary - The R:EX is more of a big-mountain ski where there is plenty of room to let the big dog eat. The M:EX is much more civilized, more versitile, and a good choice for a one-ski quiver in the west, or a 2nd soft-snow ski for the East.
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They're still virtually the same ski, the 185 M:EX would probably be more compareable to your 184 r:ex's.
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I know this is a question that can be answered by doing some research, but are they the same shape? I thought the M:EX had much more sidecut than the R:EX and was slightly stiffer... I don't ski Atomics very much though, so I could very well be wrong. Mr. Star, you have both don't you?
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I found 23m in the 184cm for the r:ex, while it's 22m for the 185 M:ex. I've never skied the R:EX.

I'm just of the opinion that most atomic r:ex's, m:ex's, R:11's, 11.20, 10.20, etc, etc, etc, are all pretty damn similar, just minor variations in the shape, width, and construction - some have more metal. come with a plate. It's not like atomic is reinventing these skis every year, just minor tweaks. I'd say the feel is all pretty much the same, it's just a matter of picking the one that has the right length, width, sidecut and flex for what you're into.
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