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10.ex length

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After skiing on relatively long skis for the past couple seasons (195 X-Scream; 198 Mod X; 191 Bandit XX), I spent the weekend on a pair of 10.ex's in a 184. I usually apply a lot of force to the front of my boots and skis, especially at high speed, but whenever I tried this with the 10.ex's it seemed like there just wasn't anything there, and things got squirrely fast.

Anyone else experience this? (I'm 6' 190lbs)
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Nope. Doesn't happen to me. Maybe try skiing more centered.
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Don't put so much pressure on the front of the boot; instead you should rely on lateral pressure as you carve from edge to edge. Sounds like you're still using an old straight ski technique. May want to think about getting a lesson on carving a modern ski.

I'm a 6'2 195lb level 9 skier who skies a 191 10.EX (and coincidentally previously skied a 195 cm XScream). I don't find the ski squirrely at all. Too me, it will carve on rails (big turns though). In fact, if I had to chose over again, I probably would have gotten a 184 length for tight terrain. I'm sure the shorter length would still give me the stability I need.

I had the same problem you did several years ago when I first starting skiing shorter shaped skis.
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