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Tips on Jump Turns? - Page 2

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Next time you head this way, drop me a PM. Let's make it work...
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Gretch, since you keep singling me out on this - you need to take a deep breath and relax. My post wasn't a comment on your skiing, you asked a question and I answered it. It wasn't meant to criticize you in any way.
As for having never seen anyone carving turns in steep, tight terrain: I don't what to say without offending you, but lots of people can and do. Maybe not pure textbook carves in tight trees - you need to skid a bit once in while, but certainly not jump turns in any way, shape or form. Yes, it's a good skill to have in your bag of tricks, but unless you're skiing on 200cm+ skis it shouldn't be neccessary to perform enough jump turns in a row to tire yourself out from them.
It does have quite a bit to do with equipment, jump turns were essential in the steeps back in the days of 208 straight skis - hence the "old school" comment. With modern equipment, it's all about being on the right skis for what you're trying to do. I don't head out to ski tight, steep trees on my 188s, I drop to 177s for that. Conversely, the 193s come out for big lines with long run outs.
Hope that cleared things up.
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JeffW...I singled you out becuase you said jump turns were not "skiing" and that you actually "ski down steeps" ....now that you mention it...I have carved down steeps.....in fear of being washed over a cliff....I think we are mixed in our defenition of a jump turn...I personally find carving on steeps to give me to much speed...skidded turn are to slow and I wedge turns....well I have never even used a wedge...I sometimes run into trees though to slow down...lol (there I relaxed and made light of the situation)...anyone know if Alta has real double blacks?
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gretch, did you take a look at my steep technique thread? It's actually the top of the turn that's key. With progressive patience at the top, especially, it's amazing what the skis will do!
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I did browse the thread earlier...alot of times it seems that the technique page is full of poor verbal descriptions of activities best understood through visual examples, thus I tend to steer clear of this section.
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Yeah, I get that. Let's go skiing!
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