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HEY AC!!!!

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Following upon the bootfitting topic...I've got to get new (custom) liners in my Slamons and maybe a new footbed...what are your recommendations in the Tahoe area?

I've heard lots of good about Footwerks, but its always nice to have an option or two.
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Herman -- You could do far worse than Footworks (Cosmo's Footworks in TC), but I'd say THE best in the Tahoe area is Elite Feet. Call ahead and make an appointment with Christian Denis (if his times aren't convenient then ask for Bob, they are the two owners).

These guys are awesome and do the bootfitting for lot's of world class skiers such as Johnny Mosely and Darrin Rahlves.

Elite Feet at Squaw Creek Sports
inside the Resort at Squaw Creel (400 Squaw Creek Road, Olympic Valley, CA)
Phone Number:580-581-6637

Tell them you heard about them on EpicSki and they'll take good care of you.
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Go to Elite Feet you will like the experience. Given yourself the afternoon to do it right!

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