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is silk good for liner

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is silk glove liner good because i seen these nice looking silver glove liners but i dunno if silk is comparable or btr than polyester/polypropylene. i just need a quick yes no answer
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Hell Yeah!!
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I don't like liners or any kind of layering with gloves or socks. They tend to bunch up underneath when I use them. As for silk, I'm not too sure. From my experience with that material, it tends to get a bit heavy when wet, so for that reason, I probably wouldn't get them.
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according to a guide i read silk is a good wicker of moisture but it has no insulation propertoies. i already have super insulated gloves so i am interested in the wicker part so... i will probably gte these.
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All of my silk stuff is in a bag in the closet. It will never see the light of day again.

The reflective "Michael Jackson" liners work pretty well. Silk is probably better than no liner at all, but it seems to transmit more cold than it does keeping the heat in.
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i dunno maybe i wil opt for a polyester or polypropylene liner because i'd hate to be associated with michael jackson lol.
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