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Help get some kids skiing!

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An ESL class of about 40 kids at Adams City Middle School in Commerce City (near Denver) is working with an organization called Alpino (see their website at www.alpino.org) to put a ski trip together. After the special pricing given by the resort, including lifts, lesson, rentals, meal voucher, and bus transport they are still coming up to about 35.00 per child which for many of them still out of their price range.

If you have the means and are willing, consider sponsoring a child (even a partial sponsor) which would go a long way to bringing the experience of being on the snow (one of all our passions) to a child that might not otherwise get the chance.

My only request is that the person helping arrange this trip (Madbee) would post pictures and notes from the sponsored kids. (or any others that want to send a thank you letter)

I'll start by posting this, donating the web space to post pictures, and a $20.00 donation.

Contact epicski member, Madbee for more details or how to participate.
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Thanks for doing this dchan. I know some people who are involved
with this program and it is fantastic. This is a great way for all of
us who love skiing to help others have access to the sport.
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Yes, thanks for posting this. I have heard from a few people already. It doesn't have to be a lot of money but it will reduce the cost for the kids. Many of them have never been to the mountains even though there are great views from Commerce City.
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Kids are worth it!

This type of activity encourages me! I would gladdly donate to this cause but I run a ski program for our church school and pay for "needy" kids to participate in that program. It has my $$$ tapped for now.
Keep up the good work...This could be the only way a kid learns to do what we love!
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Some pictures from our trip

Thanks to the help of many people, another teacher and I took 24 kids to Breckenridge yesterday. They had a wonderful time and all they talked about in school today was when we could do it again! The staff at Breckenridge was great and I think a lot of the organization was thanks to Billy who coordinates these trips for Breck. The instructors were great.

I don't have a lot of skiing shots but I should have some to post soon. And Breck really hides the snowboarders away in a private learning area so we only got them renting their stuff and very happy at the end of the afternoon, returning their stuff. I added a few smiling kids on the bus. We might not have been the best-dressed group but I think we looked pretty good.

Thanks again to all my skiing buddies who helped. Hope this link works.

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Originally Posted by ssh
I second that .

Keep up the good work. Today is my day to go with our little group of school kids. I stopped at the school yesterday to go over rules and get the permission slips. The enthusiasm from them is contagious! 4 kids who've never been on skis before are learning because of this!
Fortunately Caberfae Peaks offers a great deal to get them started in this program.

Does your resort give much of a break for your program?
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Alpino is an organizations that works primarily with Vail Resorts. It's a great deal-- $27 for lift ticket, rentals, all day lessons, and a meal voucher. With the bus rental it was up to $35. It's still cheap but many of my students are from families that can't afford that. Thanks to donations, we got the price down for everyone and many kids were paid for totally. Now some are asking about how much it is to go back. On their own around here the cheapest lift ticket I could find was $18 for kids at Ski Cooper. If I do it again I will work harder on fund raising earlier. I tried two grants but was turned down because it wasn't literacy related so next time I'll do a study of the Tenth Mountain Division first and tie it in, or something like that. All but three of our kids had never skied or snowboarded before.
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It's great to see support for these programs. I think more ski resorts would be wise to offer deals. Get them started young, with proper instruction, and the resort will have an enthusiast for life.
Caberfae offers $8/lift, $2/ski rental, & $8/snowboard rental. (this is to all of the local schools)

They also offer free beginner lessons if we let them know ahead of time that we are having new kids comming. I require all of the "first timers" to take a lesson (teaches them the sport and some slope etiquette).

We had 3 kids and 1 mom ski for the first time yesterday. All of the kids (18 total yesterday) started in this program. Also, the price is available for their parents to go with them. I love to see them get involved. I figure....if mom or dad start skiing, there's a better chance the kids will get to go some time other than just with the school program. It works!
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