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Ski Storage Racks

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Anybody have a recommendation for a nice ski rack that attaches to a garage wall?

I'm thinking about making one at home, but wonder if it's too much trouble given the cost of racks. Anyone ever made a rack to hang your skis?
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I've got one of thier PS-3 racks hangin in my garage.
Holds 3 sets of skis & poles handily. and it's lasted 9 seasons so far.

There are also a couple (Including floorstanding designs you could copy) at
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Originally posted by TomK:
I've got one of thier PS-3 racks hangin in my garage.
Do you let the skis hang fully suspended by the tips like the picture shows or do have the tails supported by the floor? I'm just curious as to whether suspending them by the tips like that would be bad for the skis. I've seen some home-made storage racks like that before, and have always wondered whether it would hard on the skis to hang them like that. The entire weight of the skis would be on the pinching point on the tips.
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