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Advice for advanced Women's skis

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I am trying to buy skis for my girlfriend.

She is 5'4", 115 lbs., strong intermediate to advanced skier (6-7), skis everything on the mountain (in the East), fairly agressive but feels more comfortable on-piste. We ski primarily in New England but will be taking occasional trips out West.

She is very athletic but has just gotten back into skiing after snowboarding for 8 or 9 years. I expect her to improve very quickly and want a ski that will be forgiving at first but able to accomodate her growth as she gets better.

Also trying to keep the budget in check so I've been looking at last year's models. I have narrowed it down to the Atomic B9 and the Fischer Vision 40...willing to broaden that a bit though if anyone feels strongly about it.

Please help...
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Look for one of the Volkls, can't think of the exact model but the 420 line comes to mind. The line that is just below the 724's/ AC's.
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not sold on the volkls

Everything I am reading about the Volkl's pegs them as heavy.

Any thoughts on the 2005 Atomic B9 vs. the 2005 Fischer Vi40?
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demo demo demo

That said, a lot of people on this site have given rave reviews to the K2 women's "luv" skis.
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I'd go some stocklis...

Either the slalom or the SC (I like the sc)

but then I love the feel of their skis....great edge hold...nice & stable.... you get out of 'em what you put in....

having said that they are NOT a forgiving ski.... you get back & they will let you know all about it...
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Is she hiking a lot on the skis? eg AT?

Why is heavy an issue?
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Burnin' Luvs or Dynastar Exclusive Legends. The Legends are the more versatile of the two, however, the Luvs love to rip!
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I just re-read my post. I must of been thinking about another thread.

I agree with Lisamarie. Burnin Luv or Exclusive Legends.
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Add Atomic Balanze 11 and Head Wild Thang, Head Fast Thang to the demo list.
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I'm skiing on Volkl Attiva 5 stars this year. I love them. They are super fast and light. They also have tons of rebound. The only thing I hate is that they are a really DULL looking skis. I don't think that I have to worry about anybody walking off with them. They're almost Ugly. Volkl should of definatly done more with the graphics. If you can find them, I'd try the K2 Burnin Luv's. I was really interested in them but couldn't get ahold of any to demo. I also didn't know anyone who I could get them on pro-form with.

Hope this helps!

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I am a woman in the with a great amount of respect for what Volkl has to offer. I think she would like a 5 star or(if you are looking for used)...look for a 724 AX3 163 ish in length or even something.

The 5 star is still around and being manufactured but the 724 line is no longer available.(now the Unlimited line)But there are great deals on them out there in internet land.

Good luck
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I see a lot of good female skiiers on the Burnin' Luvs too.
I like the Phat Luvs for powder, but, find for everything BUT powder I feel more surefooted and strong on my Stockli SCs. They are very forgiving and easy to ski, but horrible in anything more than a few inches deep.

Is she light and wide-hipped and a gentle skiier? That's who the women-specific ski is usually aimed at. If she's not those things, you might have to cast your net a tad wider. I would go a mid-fat though, so she can venture off-piste and not get kicked.

I'd shell out for a demo on the Burnin' Luvs.
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