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Volkl Gamma Supersport

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I been reading the posts on the 2004/05 Volkl's and am interested in more information on the Gamma Supersport. I'm currently skiing the V3 20-20's and absolutely love the ski, but I will be spending my winters skiing the west instead of Ohio and a salesman in a local ski shop recommended the Gamma Supersport. I ski all of the mountain, bumps, trees, steeps, bowls and love the V3 because of its carving ability. I am 5'2" and a super light weight (under 110 lbs) and the V3 has worked well for me.
The salesman recommended I demo the Supersport 4 and if I like it buy, without demoing, the Gamma Supersport. He claims the Gamma Supersport will be hard for me to find since many shops will be unlikely to carry it (remember, this is Cincinnati sales talk).
What are the advantages of going with the Gamma Supersport over the V3, will it be the "step up" for me?
I'm skiing the V3 in a 163cm and I was advised to go to a 149cm. Will going shorter sacrifice speed?
Is it true that I will have to buy early to get this ski? and will most likely have a difficult time finding it? Are there any other skis that would work just as well.
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The biggest difference isn't enormous, but the SS is definitely wider - tip and tail and a little bit under foot - than your V3's. The V3 is 105-65-93 compared to the SS's 112-67-97. Based on your slight build, I would recommend trying both the 147 and the 154. I don't think you'll give up any speed on the SS; I also think you'll be surprised by how much fun they are.

Do you have to buy the ski early? Based on the action in the Volkl ski booth at the Vegas ski show, you may. On the other hand, it might just be a sales pitch.

Finally, in the absence doing your own search, try looking at this thread.


edit: trying to be more helpful
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Thanks, Inspector Gadget,
I did read that thread and it seemed to become a discussion of other Volkl skis. When ski magazines review women's skis they often suggest a particular model for lighter skiers and I couldn't ascertain that from the thread. Also, I couldn't determine if there was a great difference between the SS and the V3. I find the V3 a very fun ski but I've been on it for 3 seasons and I am wondering if it's time to move on, especially since my skiing will now be in the west instead of midwest ice.
When I bought the V3 I found it at Telluride at Christmas and didn't find a 163 anywhere the rest of the season so my gut feeling is to buy early. Plus, at least in the Cincinnati area, I was told that not to many shops will stock the Gamma SS because it is a high end woman's ski and few women in the Cincinnati market will buy it.
I enjoy the V3 so much I can't imagine a better ski for me but I've become more of a bump and tree skier and I am thinking a shorter length will be an advantage.
I will try to demo the SS 4 this spring and make my decision based on how I feel about that ski.
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The Gamma Supersport will give you a better ride than the V3 in deeper snow conditions (like you'll hopefully face out west!) The Supersport 4* and the Gamma are different in that the Gamma has a forward (1cm) mounting point from the 4* (with the option to go forward another 1.5) and the core is the Volkl 20/20 core vs the 4* star core which is a bit heavier. Having said that, you'll still get a good idea of the Supersport feel by skiing a 4 star if you want to demo before committing to the Gamma Star. Personally, I've skied all three of the skis you are discussing and have found the Gamma Supersport (ChickStar) to be the most fun of the three - whether in trees, bumps, Eastern pow or ice. Shops are definitely going to be stocking them and Volkl should have a decent back-up stock if your local shop doesn't have them.
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