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Help me pick out a ski

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I am from the Boston area but am looking to head out to the rockys for a month or 2 this year. my favorite ski condition is powder just on the verge of becoming bump esp on steep tertian. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Killington, but there is this off the beaten path trial called the jug/jug handle. On days after it snows and everything else is skied off you can find me ridding the one way chairlift and skiing that trail over and over

What i am looking for is a ski that will help me to enjoy my ideal snow condition wile at the same time allow me to have a pleasant time on the groomed stuff and is not too long to spoil the glades

any suggestions?
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What are you skiing on now? Are you looking for skis only or boots too?
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Solomon axendo 9 size 207 i think (they were stolen at the end of the 2004 season) last season I skied on a few different skis. Only got out a hand full of times so i just never had the time or reason to buy. I tried a pair of 170 and loved how the short ski felt the weight of the ski was also nice, my Solomon weighed a ton. This year i have the time and am looking forward to an abundance of snow.

i was going to hold off on the boots for now

PS> im 185 weight and will likely drop a few pounds
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Which 170s did you try?

Perhaps a pair of Dynastar 8000s or 8800s, given the limited information we have. Light, lively, wide, and floaty--yet carve reasonably well on-piste (not sure about hardpack, tho).
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