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Anyone ever ski Plattekill?

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Hey gang, I was wondering if any of you ski Plattekill? It doesn't look too far from me to do a day trip or a sleep in the car the night before trip. Its hard to fathom how they get 240" of snow when just a couple hours south we get less then 1/5th of that. Anyway post up, thanks.
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Search and you'll find a number of threads here mentioning Plattekill. Personally it's my favorite w/in daytrip distance of NYC, especially if there's good natural cover. Uncrowded, unspoiled, great terrain; "MRG of the Catskills" reputation. (But boarders welcome!) As for the 240" claim, the explanation is it's reasonably high elevation (3500' summit), far enough west in the Catskills to get lake effect snow. So it can get some pretty good dumps.
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If you can hit one of the "Powder Daze" I wouldn't miss it. They only open on weekdays if they have 12" or more of fresh powder. I went last season for the first time, on one of these days and there were less than 75 cars in the parking lot. All the woods are open for skiing & there were fresh lines all day.

Drive time from the south is about an hour more than Hunter, but worth the trip. I'm sure on that same powder day Hunter would be tracked out by 11:00.
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Good natural cover is a must at Plattekill, as they don't have a lot of snowmaking. But, when the snow is good, it's very, very good skiing! Lots of variety in terrain between all the trees and the groomers, with lots of twists and turns thrown in. Never crowded even on the weekends when we go, and the price is right.
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It's about 20 minutes beyond Belleayre. They get more snow because they face in a different direction and get more lake effect snow, or snow blown in from the great-lakes direction. I've been there 2X, so I am no expert, but the mountain is less crowded than everywhere else I've been and they have very varied terrain from Hunter-like double blacks to easy rolling greens like the bottom of Belleayre.
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Plattekill is great, but it does need a good dump of snow. Closing during the week helps preserve conditions when the snow is good. They have some fun terrain with no runouts on the steep stuff. Its a great weekend option since the other areas in the Catskills are usually packed.
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