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Volkl 724 EXP length?

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Last year I demoed a lot of skis and decided the Volkl 724 EXP was the perfect match for me. I'm ready to buy now, BUT, I can't remember what length I decided on. I keep thinking I decided on 170cm, but keep reading the 177cm would be better for my skill level and body. I tend to like a shorter ski but like speed. I am 6'2" and weigh 185lbs. I am an intermediate/advanced (level 7/8) skier on the west coast. I spend the bulk of my time at Mammoth on just about anything there (I stay away from the trails that are basically just rock). Am I crazy for thinking I want the 170s over the 177s?
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I am equally crazy as you. I am 6' 3" and 100 kilos and have the EXP in 170's and luv 'em

They turn on a sixpence, are great fun everywhere on the hill and I don't regret the size I bought on, someone I trusts, recommendation.

I think many will suggest the 177 but I love mine
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170cm don't even think about buying them to long in 177cm.
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For what its worth I am 5'11" 175 lbs and bought the 724 pros in a 170. I did this after consulting a buddy of mine who happens to be a volkl rep. I know the pro is a different ski, but I think the size recomendation should translate pretty well.
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Newt, so are you saying you think I should get the 170 as well?
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IMO, he is, trust us the 170 will rock your world. I'm 5'11" 185-190lbs have over 100 days on my AX3's in 170cm, these things still rock.
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I am considering the same ski, however I'm 5'10" 145lb. Would I be better off with the 163cm?
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177 won't be too much at all. Only go for 170 if you want to be real quick in trees. I'm 5'11'' 205 I ski : ax3 177, 724 pro 170,Allstars 168.
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I am on Allstar 168 this year. As you have probably read, love em.

I demo'd 7 24 exp last year for a day in 177 and loved em too and was leaning towards buying a pair . Couldn't find em flat wanted to recycle some logic MRR'S.....I am 6' 185lbs....didn't even consider trying the 170....(but I didn't try the Allstar in a 161 either) I went for the Allstar instead....on some strong recommendations. Glad I did.

I actually am still looking for a pair of 7 24 exp's or ax3 177 flat to put the mrr's on.....

Judging from my 1 day on the exp I would think the 177 would be a more versatile choice for you as a western skier at 185 lbs...but max ski's as an ambassador I believe so kinda hard to dispute his opinion....

Tough one....

Actually for Mammoth I'd probably wanna see you try the AC4 in a 177....

I'm a lotta help huh??

Seriously you'll probably be happy with any of em...

how bout a 184 Mantra instead....:

(That oughta get CR, HB and Canyons to chime in!!!)
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6'2" and 240lbs and I ride the 724 Pros @184cm. These skis are powerful even for someone my size. If you like to ski fast go with the 177's
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Well, I thought I was all set with the 170s until the last three comments. Why is this such a hard decision!

I think I'm going with the 170s. If I find them a little short, I can always buy a second set next year, right? Or maybe the 177s this year...uhhhhhh...
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