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Need Info on Elan Skis

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I am an advancing intermediate Lady skier. I have been skiing for 6 years and renting the whole time. I am ready to own. I am looking at the Elan Integra 5.0 and seem to think this would be a good ski for me but would like to hear from someone who has skied this ski before. I am 5'2, 125lbs. I ski groomed runs at moderate speeds and have recently learned to carve my turns. I don't like a long ski or too flexible a ski. Can anyone help? Are the Elans right for me? Thanks, Tina
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Hi Tina,

Sounds to me like you are an intermediate skier, with a chance to achieve a higher level of performance.
Some things to think about.
1. If you don't own your own boots start there first.
2. Rent skis if the boots take up too much of the budget
3.Demo if you can, 155-162 cm should be about the right length, maybe 5 cm. longer.
4. Consider the following as possible candidates for demo per the Feb 1 issue of "Inside Tracks."
A. Rossi T-Power Viper XL 150 0r 160 cm
B. Dynastar Intuitive 69L 157 or 167 cm
C. K2 T Nine X 160 or 167 cm
D. Atomic Beta Ride 8.20 160 cm maybe
the 170 cm.
E. Volant Vertex Superkarve 155, 160, 165 cm
F. Volkl Carver 20/20 Energy 156 or 168 cm

All these skis can take you where you are now to the expert level of skiing. Each ski is different so a 150 in one ski might ski better as a 167 in another ski. The only way to know for sure is to demo.

My top three suggestions are the Volant Vertex, Volkl Carver 20/20,Dynastar Inturitve 69 L. BTW, an "L" desigantion on a ski or boot model means it is designed for a women skier.Any Volant Vertex ski is a women's ski.Obviously, the choice is yours, so demo as many as you wish, or can find to demo, but take notes after each demo in order to avoid later confusion.So bring a pencil[ not a pen, they freeze and won't write] and some 3X5 note cards to do this.

Finally, the boots, bindings, and skis all are meant to work together. Be sure to get your boots properly fitted and aligned. The cost is minor when compared to the cost of skis and bindings with the performance payoffs being rather significant.
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Thank's Wink, Good advice! I have demoed a few skis, Dynastar, K2, Elan, I liked the Elan but I could'nt demo the Integra. It's hard to find the exact ski you want to demo!
I'll keep you posted, Tina
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