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Switching to skiing

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Hello I am new to the forum, and am looking for my first pair of skis. I am a former skiboarder, I skiboarded for 3 years.I tried ski's last weekend and deffinately want to make the switch. Im sure you have seen countless threads about a first pair of skis, but I need some help. I want twin tips and have dicided upon the older teneighty's, not the new foil's or guns. I am looking at 151cm, because Im 5foot 6 inches and 110-115lbs, and prefer shorter skis. I like to ski park, groomers, and POWDER, especialy glades. Would the 1080s be a good choice for me?:
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You sound like you want to ski some all mountain along with park, the 1080 isnt the greatest ski at all mountain skiing seeing as how it is a very soft ski. Um if i were you i would demo a few different skis, i would put the K2 Fujatives on the list, and the 1080's rossi Scratch's, all of those are good park skis, and are ok at the rest of the mountain. FOr a better all mountain ski try out the K2 Publice enemy, and the Line Chronic.

Try to do a search on this, this topic has been disscussed alot.
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I can save you the time of doing the search; the search will turn up a winner in the K2 Public Enemy. I haven't skied it, but that's what I've seen reccommended most often.
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Ok thanks for the replies.
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well i wouldnt say u would want the scrachtes or the fugatives because they really arent going to give u much outside of the park
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NEW k2 PE.....YA good idea there ...good at many things
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