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SI/piriformis/sciatica--> skiing?

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I'm currently beginning PT for pain in my R leg that occurs when I sit for extended periods. The PT's gradually refining his assessment & my exercises. Seems to involve an SI misalignment/piriformis impingment, possible overuse/stretching on the affected side. I've discovered that, for ex., my adductors on the UNaffected L side are tighter, and that the L side is *less* stable when I do 1-leg balance exercises. (I should probably also mention that I had endoscopic meniscus repair on the left knee about 4 yrs. ago.)

We've been working on exercises to re-activate certain muscles, and the PT has done some adjustments, I think to work on the SI alignment.

On MD's orders, I've been taking regular doses of naproxen for about a month, and the severity of the symptoms has diminished. I'm also trying not to sit so much, and am trying to monitor posture.

Last week, the PT tried taping to stabilize the L (unaffected) side for 4 days. It was clear that this increased stability on that side. Will get next update from the PT today re: exercises, etc.

Now.... the PT says I shouldn't ski. My trainer, who I see weekly, knows I'm likely to be non-compliant, and says that it probably wouldn't be harmful. Note that I never experience the pain when in motion-- Only sitting causes it.

1) can I do some early season skiing [please please]?
2) any feedback about therapy/exercises for this kind of problem?
3) anyone else had experience with something similar?

Thanks for any input--- (We finally have snow this year after last year's Pac NW drought; trying to be patient, but...)

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I managed to destabilise Sacroileac joint a few years ago.....

Physio said I could ski - but it was important not to fall - I told instructor - so we played it safe...... i did have a belt thing that helped with instability pain...... (could not stand for long or walk but somehow sliding things were OK). The physio said while unstable the risk of bad damage from a fall was not good

I am currently suffering a LOT from psoas & other problems after managing to forward rotate my right hemipelvis last summer.... I find I need to stick with the physios stretching routine when skiing or the butt/hip area siezes up badly...

I think I'll be investigating the foam roller option to see if I can do better....

Do you need to sit for work? I cannot sit for long due to psoas - I find a physio ball or kneeling chair MUCH better for me than being seated.....
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Thanks, Disski. That's helpful. I do sit a lot at the computer [doing it right now!] The pain's been worse when sitting for long periods in a regular chair, e.g. for meetings. Maybe this means that those activities are a pain :.

In my case, standing and any activity in motion have not been painful, thankfully.

Good luck w your recovery.
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Yep - try using a ball (it means you tend to roll about a little & shift weight rather than static)....

Or a kneeling chair....

Note - both have no back support.... not good for back problems...
I love both options though... while a regular chair or 3-4 hours in a car cause me havoc!

Check out the foam rollers with the physio.....
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Ernest Hemingway used to stand at a purpose-made desk to write. Maybe you could find a taller table for the computer????
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Originally Posted by Kneale Brownson
Ernest Hemingway used to stand at a purpose-made desk to write. Maybe you could find a taller table for the computer????
That's a thought. I sometimes stand at a counter to read-- Now about driving....
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I have on again/off again piriformis issues from distance running - not as severe as yours as I never had any associated nerve issues, but for what it's worth I've never had any piriformis discomfort while skiing.
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