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Skiing Stowe on Friday

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Gang, I just spoke with the lift ticket lady at Stowe. If I can let her know today by close of business (2 p.m. MST), I can order you a 3-day rather than a 2-day pass, but this offer will expire, so act now. We will also need to collect the extra expense from you.
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I wish I would have seen this earlier today, because I would have taken it.
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This morning when I gave our credit card for the tickets, I thought I'd ask, but of course the window was too narrow and I should have just kept my mouth shut.

Next year we'll assume some want to ski Friday and make arrangements earlier in the process. My apologies.
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No apologies necessary Nolo!! We appreciate all the work you and the EpicSki staff have already done.

See Ya,
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I'll echo what Mr. HazMat said.
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Thanks, guys. I hear the skiing is EPIC at Stowe this weekend. (Someone told me about having to scrape many inches of snow off the windshield this afternoon.) Tell us how it's going out there.
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From the Stowe website today:

The big system started moving in late last night, and snow fell throughout the day - VERY HARD at times. And it was ALL snow. No mixed precip here.
Just big, fat, beautiful, fluffy flakes!

As of 4pm this afternoon the snow has accumulated to the tune of 8-12 inches, and the forecast is calling for even more throughout the weekend!

Conditions will be excellent this weekend. We hope you can get up here!
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Somebody better be writing daily reports!
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Why do I miss all the dumps? They came late the last time. You ESA east kids are having all the fun!::
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