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Sunrise (AZ) question

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The Sunrise website says they are opening Friday the 16th. But they are only opening from midway. The website doesn't say what midway is - is that a lift or run or ???

If anyone knows, thanks in advance.


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That usually means you can only ski trails served by lifts that begin a ways up the hill. If you look at their on-line trailmap, you'll see they only have a couple lifts that start at the base. The rest you get to after skiing off the first two. You'll probably have to download from the top of the ones that come up from the base.
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From Midway

I e-mailed one of my friends who is an instructor at Sunrise and asked him what that meant. Here is his reply:

"I don't know the names of the lifts or the trails (pretty sorry huh, but I can't find a trail map) but it means that in addition to the bunny hill the next lift to the left is open (not the one to the top of the mountain)
This allows you to ski the two runs from midway down. whoopee!
Maybe it will snow soon."

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Thanks Skifox...
I might go next week anyway. Gotta get my fix.
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