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tele on freerides?

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Can you make tele turns on freeride a/t bindings?
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You can't get toe pressure on the front of your ski. I tele boot is made to bend behind the toes to transfer energy to the ski. The toe piece must be held firmly in place. It would be awfull hard on your freerides too, they are a great binding but they weren't designed to do tele turns.
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You'd run a good chance of breaking the Freerides since the toepieces aren't made to withstand slow twisting falls. Having said that you could do fake-a-marks
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It will feel like you're doing yoga wearing a suit of armor.

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i wouldn't consider making tele turns on fr's for the previously mentioned reasons but i do drop the knee frequently when descending (in a reasonably straight line) in tour mode.
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