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K2 Shuksan or Legend 8000 for steeps?

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Hi cyberskiers ;-)

Anyone out there who has any expericence with either of these two skis?

I'm looking for a versatile backcountry ski (rando: climbing up & steep skiing around 50 dgr) and seem to have zoomed in on these two models: K2 Shuksan & Legend 8000 - with the Volkl Snowwolf a close third.

I'm planning a setup with the Dynafit tl bindings & ski in Scarpa Lasers with customized liners.

I've toured most of the european sites, but have difficult in finding reviews on the K2s - & most of the pros on the french sites prefer lighter skis. But I'm big dane (6"2 180-185) & prefer a stronger ski (also, I only have one pair - have to travel a lot with'em).

I'm used to skiing on the old salomon x-mountain (edition one - 195 cm) with diamir fixes and scarpa lasers. I ski mainly in may in the high alps of europe, which means crud, hard snow, spring/corn & occasional powder. When I'm not in a tight spot doing jump turns on the steeps, I ski strong & fast.

So ... any advice or experiences?

Furthermore, I'm slightly worried about the radius of the K2 - I'm told it's 20 m for the 181cm?
How does that hold on steeps in hard conditions? The legend is only slightly better with 21m for the 184 - but considering it's a stronger ski than most touring models, most frenchies says it will suffice.

Thanks :
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I tour on 181 Shuksans with Freerides - works well in all conditions you mentioned so far, no problems. Had chosen the K2 over the Snowwolf back then for versatility. The Snowwolf seems to be a tad stiffer, maybe providing even some more edgehold.
However if I would need to make the choice today I would also look closely into the Fischer Excalibur for the same purposes, this seems the best of all worlds right now.
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the shuksan has very thin edges right out of the box.
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RUK- Give the Pmgear Bro Models a serious look.

You can find information at www.tetongravity.com/forums and search for "bromodel" The guys over there made the ski. 188 and 178 lengths avail. + 3 flexes Soft (like Rossi B3) Stiff (Little stiffer then Explosive) Super Stiff (pretty friggen stiff) They have a 30m radius, super light and great for touring.

you can order and find more info out at


Edit-threads to get you started.
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