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Skis For Japan: Niseko.

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Hi all, first post here.

Am heading off to Japan for some powder skiing am looking to get some powder skis. I want a pair that will really let me get the most out the fine pow over there, but want to be be able to lay down a carve on the piste etc. (Plenty of pow there too). I have a pair of Dynastar 64 omneglass for carving in Europe on the piste and looking to getting a pair of alround skis , real easy skis (like last years 1080's....bumps, carves, bit of float and real light. The 64 kill the legs).

I am looking at getting the seth Vicious at 169 (pretty short), and was looking at the Head Monster iM88.

I am an intermediate to advanced (considering there is expert (race etc) and pro (seth etc)), so double blacks are ok, but no parks or big air, will take a cliff drop, but not jumps).

I like to ski agressively, am about 80kg's 5"6' - 5"7' or there abouts and will be looking to the seth at 169.

My question really are this:

Is the seth vicious ok out on the piste, or strictly in pow.

If I want something easier pow/piste would the Head iM 88 be better or maybe go for one of the 1080's.

Money is an issue and I will be doing a lot of skiing in Europe and OZ/NZ where I will be spending most of my time on piste/crud (searching for pow) and maybe one or two weeks a year in Japan (canada / states). Im an Ozzie so travel is my only option and so conditions do vary.


and thanks.
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Hmm dynastar legend Pro ?

Now im really confused.

Cant answer my own questions, sorry to bump.
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Hey buddy. Why do you want to go so short? The seths are twin tips, so they are going to be skiing pretty short anyways. Im about your height, although about 68kg. Ive got 161cm allstars to ski at buller and hotham, but looking at getting 177cm Volkl Mantras to use over in Canada, British Columbia and Colorado this Feb coming. I also intend to use these skis for our winter, but Im looking at 177cm at least! I most likely wont go longer, though you should consider something around that length, as you are also a bit heavier.

Are you looking to land switch in pow, or are you after these skis because they are cool and fat? Also, look at how much you will actually get proper use out of these skis in the conditions they are made for. Guys last season at buller and hotham with these type of skis generally stuck to the parks and stuff, and couldnt do sh#t around the groomers, but if you're looking for some off piste here in oz, then it would probably be worth your while, but dont go for something like the seths if 1. money is an issue AND 2. ur gonna do 80% groomers in oz. The only real reason im going for mantras is because ive got a carver for here, and the mantras will get about 1-2 months a year in the US and CA, and another month or so in New Zealand.

Out of curiousity, are u a buller, hotham or none of the above guy?
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Oh, thanks for the response mate. Answers are:

If you reckon go longer im with you, everyone is saying this. The 169 are just above my head, but as you say, twins !!

(Graphics:- dide im 33, bit old for lime green, but I did grow up with Sid Vicious...on Count Down !)

Will go overseas at least once a year to either Japan, or Nth America / Canada for about a week. Then mainly groomers and any of piste I can find in Victoria.

The Seth Sound like they are good on the piste, however if there is something that can definitely handle the deep / light japanese powder but is BETTER on the piste I'll jump on it. (This is where the interest in the head monster iM 88 is or maybe the dynastar legend (pro / 8800 / 8000).

However if the Seth is ok on the piste why not ? I like the idea of floating over the top of crud, pow, pushing through it and owning it rather than having to work my way through it.

So some advice would be great, those VOLKL's appear to be on the money as well. So here is what I want:

First I dont need anything for groomers as Ive got the Dynastar 64 racers.

I do want a ski that will give me great control / float in the pow and crud and is good on the piste for carving. I just spent six months in France skiing everyday, so can rail a pair of skis no drama (great edging) however I have not skied any genuine fats. Im not into any park or rail skiing at all. So dont need to ride switch. But will take air off natural kickers, cliffs, etc.

What are your thoughts ??

Oh, and where do i ski ? I really love Mt Hotham. When in OZ will do at least two / three weeks, plus 5 weekends. Last year skied falls / buller / hotham. Hotham is easily best. Buller has great moguls, and falls has the summit.
Genuine hotham dude. Although saw some nasty fights in the bar last year. Is Australia turning real narky or WHAT

Thanks mate. Really need some helo on this so any helo would be great. By the way, for anyone not in the know yet, Japan apparantly has the finest powder in the world. (I didnt say the most, or best mountains, dont want to start an argument, I meant finest as in super dry champagne powder).
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after skiing straight boards for years and years (30+ seasons) in ....... OZ (Thredbo, Perisher, Hotham, Falls), NZ, Austria, France, Jackson Hole (purchased Blissard v20 205 GS) and BC in Canada a JH mate told me a couple of years ago to demo a set of Rossi B2s (I'd Demo early shaped skies and didn't like the change ??) ....... wow what a difference the last few years have made......... they are a great all mountain free rider ski ..... you don't have to drive them like my ancient V20s and I ended up purchasing a demo pair for my 10 days in Furano Japan in Feb.

I'm 70Kg 177cm (low level expert) - the B2 are 170cm (113cm 76cm 103cm)

Enjoy the powder in Japan !
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finest powder, huh? Just imagining it, I can almost feel it. I will vicariously ski through you (no, not green with envy or anything!! ).
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audas, as there is not real need for a dedicated powder ski in Oz, just take you skis with you for skiing front side and rent a pair of dedicated phats for the Japow, it will save you a good $AUD 1,000. Have a look at this thread at ski.com.au for an idea:
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