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Calling BetaRacer.........

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A question for BetaRacer.... If you don't mind could you please provide some advice. Here in Sydney I'm getting conflicting advice from ski shops about the length ski my wife should buy.

I haven't seen too many posts on this site that comment on the 9.20 Beta Ride Hyper Carbon..... (I guess it's not a current model in the States)

My wife is almost 40, 5ft 7inches (171 cms), 130lbs, would love to ski better, but spends most of her time on intermediate trails. When "uncomfortable" she occasionally reverts to doing "typical girls turns". (That is, the the turns are parallelish with a slight stem initiation and downhill knee tucked in behind the uphill knee.) She will ski most trails - but will slow down on the blacks and take it steady. She in't really comfortable skiing fast - but will let them run if conditions are perfect.

She looks to buy her first shaped ski - having previously skied on 195cm Olin D Team Slalom and before that 200cm Dynastar Course SL (gold with the red warts on the tips).

Would the 9.20 BR HC meet her needs? What length should she get? 170cm or 180cm?

(By the way Betaracer.... I hope your boss appreciates the work you do on this site. You provide a valuable service for consumers. Good on you!)

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Its a tough question to answer. Of course, the best anwser I can give is for her to demo. Other than that, we didn't have great sales to the retailers with the Ride 9.20, and aren't demoing it in our fleet. We are using the Ride 8.20, with great success.

After bugging my mom to try new skis for years, (she's still on 3 year old Carv 9.26 180cm) she finally agreed to try something current. Ride 8.20 in a 180, and when I saw her at lunch, she was as happy as can be. I originally thought the 170 would be better, so I kept them ready for her just in case. Stuck with the 180s, and was reluctant to give them up. Short Bio of Ma. 68 on Monday, skis 5000' vert non stop from Whistler's Saddle to Creekside without stopping (she puts my mid 30's friends to shame). Went from Volkl P9 190 to the current 180 9.26. Now, since her 68th is coming, I have to grab something from the warehouse.

How this relates to your situation, I don't know. The Ride 9.20 is stiffer than the 8.20. Usually I sugest going about head height, but 170 may be too short, and the stiffness coupled with a 180 might be too long. Maybe a Ride 8.20 in a 180 might be the ticket?

*** NOTE ***

DON'T confuse the Ride 8.20 with the V 8.20.
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you have been notably absent. this coincides with the epic snow year the east is having & your mounting of new 10 exs. coincidence I THINK NOT>>>>>>>
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ti, I wish I was out playing in the deeps on the 10.ex!!

However, product launches, demos, races, events, ski shows, testing... are eating away at my online time. Also, I've been traveling a lot, and getting a local dial-up at certain resorts for the laptop is not always possible. My physiotherapist (who I think sidelines as a Dominatrix) is helping my shoulder, but I think she's using the hammer to head principle. It feels great when its stops. After the 3 times/weeks sessions, I'm too wiped to reply to the posts when I do read them. (Luckily others here are doing a fine job answering, and it would be redundant for me to reply. Thanks guys and gals!!)
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