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I just bought these skis, b/c I destroyed a new pair on rocks this season. I pre-paid, and then picked up the skis thinking they we're 183's. They turned out to be 191's. B/C I had no ski for early season turns, I took them anyway; there was no way I was going to ski my karma's in marginal conditions.

So now thte snow is better, and I'm able to ski on the Karma's, and I want to trade the 191's.

So if anybody wants to bump up to a 191 xx, and you have a smaller size, let's swap!

condition is good. used 30-40x's. Bought off a whistler instructor....very nice/honest guy. They worked great for me, but I can't imagine tossing those planks around all day. Get ver ytiring.

I'm open to offers.

Major problem is that I'm in BC, Canada. I'll be bouncing around from Van to Kamloops to Nelson this winter. So if you're in BC, making this happen may be a lot easier.