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Fox hat is here!

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Would you believe it?! His Foxness is HERE! Traveled gawd knows how many miles for (drum roll) EASTERN SKIING at ESA Eastern Weekend!

Fox sleeps with the fishes. You got it. He's sleeping (so to speak) with our tropical salt water fish. In the same room, anyway.

Stay tuned. He may find skiing at Stowe preferable to Milton Keynes Snowdome. Hey, stranger things have been known to happen. As it happens, we have mucho snow and more on the way.
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I guess we will soon know whether Fox really does drink more than a fish!

Glad ya made it Fox!

Don't worry about that eastern skiing stuff, it's all about ice and there isn't any ice at Stowe
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Ahhh! That explains it all.

It's much quieter over here this morning.
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Glad he made it.
Welcome to NewEngland Fox

I'll meet him Saturday morning. I'll be getting into the Stoweflake late Friday night. My friends flight from San Diego lands in Hartford at 7:30PM.

See you all in the AM.
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This upcoming storm on Friday should make for an awesome weekend
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Glad you made it OK Fox! See everyone Friday. Are you and Oboe, et al., planning on skiing Friday? I plan on being in early enough to get out for a few turns if anybody is going to be around. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!!

Thanks Nolo for checking on the 3-day lift ticket for us! Since another storm front appears to be moving in, I will just wait to see how things play out.

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I'm there in Spirit.

Obes, did you get my package in the post yet?
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(a) Got the package - one for WTFH, one red i thingk and the other pinck. Also got pakage from nolo.

(b) Fox is skiing tomorrow (Thursday) at Stowe. Dr. Bigfoot (Mrs. oboe) is "dropping him off" at Stowe and oboe will "pick him up" on the way home from (groan) work.

(c) Where is Barnes?! As expected, his cellular phone voice mailbox is full.

(regretably, oboe has a 9 a.m. telecon on Friday - don't know if I'll make it up for any skiing Friday but plan to ski Monday)

P.S. I gotta love that ten year old Bushmills Irish Wiskey Fox brought! The Jagermeister is for later.

P.P.S. That orange stuff all over Fox's clothing is a part of Truman, our Norwegian Forest Cat. The fools have fallen in love.
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