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Jay Peak

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Hey does anyone live near Jay Peak, and if so, how r the conditions.
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Originally Posted by RossiFreerider
Hey does anyone live near Jay Peak, and if so, how r the conditions.
Sorry, I can't resist.

The answer to your first question is "no, at least not anyone with internet access."

I'm thinking of going sometime next week.
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The amount of snow they have received to date (probably close to 100") does not amount to a lot of skiing options (only 25 trails or so), for now at least. A lot of that snow fell early in the season and had melted in a rain storm a couple weeks back. : They have been making snow pretty diligently and there is a big storm coming this weekend that will probably put down a foot or so all over the mountain. After that they should start opening up some more of the terrain.
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hey all,

going to jay this week.  any updates on Big Jay access or anyhting of the sort?

lets get a good jay thread going, show all the westeners that we are die hard on the east coast....

ice, wind, weather, rain, nothing stops a northeast die hard!! lets prove it.....
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Ice , wind and weather pretty much sums it up. Oh, I forgot cold.....really cold.

My beta is a little old as it's been a couple of weeks since I was there. They did get some surprise snow last week. Some nice powder shots on their website in the pic of the day. When I was there last the wind was howling and Vermonter was blown down to boilerplate and rock in spots. We need some snow in New England. Big Jay access from the tram was "closed". You're always welcome to skin up from the botton, though.  There have been some decent snow events this year but it seems like most of New England is a little shy on snow. I might get up there next weekend if the stars line up.
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i think the stars are in alignment!  keep that quiet tho.

a great spot.  if you go, let me know, we can make some turns together!!

think snow.
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and does "closed" mean that you cant go, or they doen want you to...?
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Well, they definitely don't want you to. I'm not sure about enforcement action. I don't know if they'd pull your ticket or call the authorities and pick you up at the bottom. I'm pretty sure "the scar" is still off limits this year, especially with the thinner cover. Thin cover is the reason that was stated as to why Big Jay was/is closed. I would call them and ask if you have your heart set on it.
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